Pat Barry talks UFC fighter pay and says most fights are won in the staredown

UFC heavyweight Pat “Hype or Die” Barry was a guest on Thursday’s edition of the 1st Quarter‘s MMA segment on 102.5 FM Sports Radio in Nashville with hosts Darren McFarland, Brad Hopkins and Chris Pappas. Barry was in town for the UFC on FX 1 card which takes place Friday at Bridgestone Arena. Barry will be facing fellow heavyweight Christian Morecraft in the opening bout LIVE on FX starting at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT).

In addition to talking about his match-up with Morecraft, Barry discussed how he got his start in martial arts and the individuals that inspired him to pursue fighting as a career. Barry also talked about the importance of the staredown in fighting:

“I think most fights are won at the staredown. Most fights are won right then and there. I’ve stolen, I’ve taken people’s souls at a staredown. Which is weird, cause if you look at me right now, I’m not a scary looking dude. Staring someone down for a picture, that’s one thing. But staring somebody down as if you don’t have any remorse for their well-being whatsoever, that’s totally different. … I’ve won the majority of my fights at the staredown. And I have also lost fights in the staredown.”

Barry also had quite a bit to say about fighters’ pay in the UFC which has been quite a hot topic lately. All this and much more. Listen to the complete interview below.

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