There are fighters who look like normal guys you meet down the street, then there are fighters who look like they’re fighters and then there are the fighters who look like they could literally kill you. Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro is a fighter who looks like he can kill you.

With his sharp looks, slick black hair and imposing stature, Ximbica looks like he walked straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. However, unlike the fictional character of Vinnie Vega, Ximbica is without a doubt, the real deal in the world of Asian MMA.

Fighting out of the world renowned Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore, Ximbica is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, has a 12-8 MMA record. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Ximbica moved to Asia and joined Evolve MMA as a trainer as well as a full time fighter with the Evolve Fight team to take his skill set to the next level and continue his career as a pro MMA fighter. Prior to coming to Singapore, Ximbica fought only in Brazil and was also a Professor at the original Gracie Barra Academy in Brazil.

Ximbica’s first test in Asia came in 2011 at Dare 2/11 in Bangkok, Thailand, where he faced Wade Henderson, a veteran with a total of 33 fights. The matchup was seen as a real test for Ximbica as many considered Henderson a very well rounded fighter. However, when the fight went down, Ximbica shocked everyone by dominating Henderson and defeating him in 2:35 minutes via armbar submission.

Ximbica’s next big fight comes at ONE FC 2 – Battle of the Heroes in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 11th of February. He’ll be facing Jackson MMA’s Rustam Khabilov who is a Combat Sambo world champion and has fought on many M-1 Global cards.

Ximbica is definitely a fighter to keep an eye on in 2012. With his entry in ONE FC and his advancement in the DARE Championship tournament, you’ll definitely be seeing more of Ximbica. Check out the following highlight reel of Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro:

Learn more about Ximbica’s fight team and where he teaches by checking out:

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