Imagine if a zombie apocalypse happened today, and the world was filled with zombies like Chan Sung Jung. The world as we know it would be over in a matter of days.

“The Korean Zombie” didn’t need days, or even minutes for his destruction of top contender Mark Hominick (20-10, 1-2 UFC) at UFC 140. In fact he needed just seven seconds.

Hominick had the hometown crowd fully behind him, but an overly aggressive start cost him dearly. As he fired off a looping lead left hook, Jung took a single step back and countered, uncorking a straight right hand that dropped Hominick where he stood.

Jung followed up with five more big punches from the top before the fight could be stopped, giving him a record-tying time for his performance at just seven seconds of the opening round.

“Just because I got knocked out one time doesn’t mean I’m [not] a great striker,” Jung said. “I think I’m one of the best strikers in the world.”

With the win, Jung keeps his record perfect in the UFC at 2-0, and moves to 12-3 overall.

One thought on “UFC 140 main card recap: ‘The Korean Zombie’ KO’s Mark Hominick in 7 seconds”
  1. Actually what KZ said in the interview was “I want to prove that my striking level is at the top level.” His translator doesn’t understand or speak Korean that well.

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