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One of MMA’s most recognized personalities dishes on love and the male psyche in “Ask Trigg – A Dating and Relationship Blog for Women” featured exclusively on ProMMANow.com (www.prommanow.com). Every Wednesday the mixed martial arts fighter, color commentator, and MMA spokesman will give his advice to female fans based on questions they have submitted.

In this entertaining and insightful blog, Trigg will share entertaining stories and reflect on love lessons he has learned as he guides readers through the complex world of dating and relationships. Frank Trigg has dated over 300 women and was married twice before finding “The One.” He married his high school sweetheart, his college sweetheart and is now happily married to the true love of his life.

Trigg has learned many valuable lessons as a result of his relationship experiences and for years has been the go to guy for relationship advice among his friends and peers. Trigg would now like to share his insight with fans and hopes to help the ladies better understand men. Ladies can send their dating and relationship questions to [email protected].

Topic of the Week: Decoding Man Language – What a Man Says and What He Really Means.

Men speak from a physical standpoint and women speak from an emotional standpoint, therefore in many cases what a man says and what he really means gets lost in translation.

Studies show that men use language to establish difference, separateness and independence …which is exactly the opposite of women. Women talk to connect. This week I’m going to address what a man says and what he is really trying to tell you.

‘I’m not looking for a relationship right now’

Translation: I want to sleep with you, but I don’t want to wake up next to you in the morning. He just wants to hook up. He doesn’t want to go on dates or spend time getting to know you, he simply wants sex.

When a man refers to a previous sexual relationship and says ‘It didn’t mean anything’

Translation: It didn’t mean anything emotionally. It simply means it was just sex, nothing more. Men are not emotional, they are physical. Just because a man has sex with a woman doesn’t mean he necessarily connected with her on an emotional level.

‘I need some space … I think we need to take a break’

Translation: When a man says this, it means one of two things. It means that you’re too clingy or it means that he has someone else and needs time to figure out who he really wants to be with. There’s no real ‘break’ in a relationship. Either you’re committed or you’re not (when you’re dating).

‘I’m working on me right now’

Translation: When a man says this, it is just a nice way of breaking up with someone. It’s nicer than saying, “I’m no longer interested in you” or “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

‘I want to take it slow’

Translation: When a man says this it usually means that he has prior damage. He either had a really bad break up or is still trying to get over his ex. It may also mean that he has commitment issues, he likes you but doesn’t want to make any kind of commitment because he is afraid of being hurt.

That’s it for this week. Remember ladies, send your questions to [email protected]!

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