Jason “Mayhem” Miller found himself on the wrong end of a “Beatdown” in the main event of tonight’s TUF 14 finale, losing to rival coach Michael Bisping by TKO at 3:34 of Round 3.

Miller started effectively, landing enough strikes to setup a takedown late in the opening round. Once there, he was able to lock up the legs of Bisping and land some punches from the top. Bisping remained calm from the bottom, voicing his desire to the referee for a stand up. Instead of a referee restart, Bisping used the cage to get back to his feet with just over a minute to go, and started to go to work, bloodying the nose of Miller before the close of the opening stanza.

Bisping found his rhythm in the second, landing pinpoint accurate combinations that started to test the resolve of Miller. Miller had no answer on the feet, throwing looping punches that failed to counter the straighter strikes of Bisping as he started to wear down.

By the time the third round was underway, Miller was visibly exhausted. As a result, Bisping was able to easily avoid any takedown attempts that Miller attempted, as he continued to land big combinations to the face of his opponent. With Miller on the ground after diving desperately for a leg, Bisping went to work in his guard, landing big punches and elbows that forced “Mayhem” to turtle up looking to avoid further damage. Bisping continued to pour it on, landing crunching knees to the body that finally forced the referee to step in and stop the onslaught.

“He’s a tough guy,” Bisping said. “I knew if I was going to finish him, I’d have to have a high work rate. He’s a tough son of a gun.”

During his post-fight interview, Miller apologized to the fans for his performance.

“I trained really hard for this fight,” he said. “I’m sorry, guys. I got tired.”

The win marks the fourth consecutive victory for Michael Bisping who moves to 22-3 overall and 12-3 in the Octagon.


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