Mayhem Miller arrested again

According to TMZ – former MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested for felony domestic violence in L.A. It is being reported that he got physical with a woman who had “visible marks on her face and neck”. This is not good news obviously but over the past decade he had quite a few legal … Read more

Mayhem’s latest fight confirms he should quit fighting

Mr. Controversial, Jason Mayhem Miller fought in his first professional fight since back in May 2012. He was originally scheduled to fight Luke Barnatt for the middleweight title. Mayhem missed the 185 pound weight limit by an embarrassing 24 pounds Friday. Mercifully, he was given a light heavyweight bout against a lesser known Mattia Schiavolin. … Read more

Jason Miller vs. Jake Shields photo gallery

Photo by Jack Bratcher/ - Few fighters can work a crowd like "Mayhem" Miller.

Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller fought an intense five round middleweight title fight at Strikeforce – Fedor vs. Rogers on Nov. 7. Shields wanted no part of Miller’s striking and repeatedly tried to get the fight to the ground.

Well-versed in the grappling game himself, Miller defended the submission attempts of Shields, and at one point had the Cesar Gracie protege in serious trouble with a rear-naked choke. Shields rallied, kept the pressure on Miller, controlled the pace and position, and took home the unanimous decision.

We snapped a complete photo gallery of both fighters, including “Mayhem’s” flamboyant entrance, the bout itself, and their attendance at the post-fight press conference. Enjoy these photos of Miller and Shields after the jump, then take a look at our complete “Fedor vs. Rogers” gallery in the photo album.

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Jason “Mayhem” Miller let this dude on his TV show

Just in case you didn’t know this, there’s more than one fight on this weekend’s Strikeforce card. There is also a title fight as middleweight champ Jake Shields (23-4-1) attempts to defend his belt against Bully Beatdown star Jason “Mayhem” Miller (22-6). Most people are giving Shields the edge on the ground, although, Miller has … Read more

Bully Beatdown – season 2, episode 8, featuring Nick Gaston

Another week, another bully gets beat down on MTV’s Bully Beatdown featuring everyone’s favorite MMA wild man Jason “Mayhem” Miller. This week’s bully is named “Emmil” and he likes to pick on two kids and constantly tries to tee-bag one of them. To put a stop to this nonsense, professional fighter Nick Gaston A.K.A. “Afrozilla” … Read more