At 9-0 Jack Marshman is one of the hottest middleweight prospects in Europe stopping all his opponents within the distance. What is more amazing regarding the Welsh Middleweight is that Marshman has been balancing his career inside the cage with being in the Army fulltime for the last 5 years. Part of the 3rd battalion parachute regiment, Marshman has served two tours in Afghanistan. Now set to leave the Army to pursue his fighting career fulltime the sky is the limit for the 21 year old Bamma British Champion. Last time out at Bamma, Marshman picked up the British belt taking out Carl Noon in a crazy comeback victory where the Welshman admits he took more damage then he should have:
“I’m a bit embarrassed when I look back at that fight. I took a beating and came back but obviously I shouldn’t of taken that beating. Next fight I’m going to be a lot more technical. I liked parts of it, I proved I’ve got a chin but I shouldn’t have. I put it down to a slow start, I expected him to put me on my back but I should have been more active”.
Moving to his upcoming title defence against the Wolfslair’s Leeroy Barnes, Marshman believes all the pressure is on him:  “He’s got nothing to lose. I hear he’s been saying he’s going to ko me but I cant see that. I think he’s going to try and take me down and lay and pray for three rounds. I don’t want to talk bad about him and have it come back to bight me but I would have proffered a better fighter, he has four losses. Saying that I don’t think his record does him justice.”
As aforementioned Marshman is due to end his career with the Army and focus on MMA fulltime, having given his 1 year notice back in January. Marshman is proud of his time in the military and is pleased with the skills he has gained during the time:  “It’s hard to train all the time when you are fulltime in the army. I’m based in Colchester in the 3rd Battalion parachute regiment. I’ve been in the army 5 years and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. The army really brought my boxing on to. I’ve been to Afghanistan twice, I cant say it makes mma any easier because its totally different, but the Army and active service does give you that mental toughness. Obviously there is the physical training as well.”
Marshman has continued his training at Tillery combat in Wales and has also recently worked with members of the Rough House team giving him a glance into the life of fulltime pro’s:  “I’ve got some great lads and coaches at Tillery combat, I’ve also been with the Rough House team training with the likes of Paul Daley , Jim Wallhead and Andre Winner. I was kind of star stuck at first but its been great. Those guy’s have helped me realise little mistakes I’ve been making because they’ve been there before and maybe they made those mistakes back when they started. I’m feeling great now especially in my stand up”. As far as a prediction for his bout and what the future holds? “I don’t like to trash talk or make predictions but he’s been put out at welter weight so of course I can stop him at middle. As far as future fights I will get in there and fight whoever my manager tells me to. I’m 21 and I’m in no rush I’ve got plenty of time to fight the best.” Jack Marshman defends his Bamma British Title on December the 10th against Leeroy Barnes at Bamma 8 in Nottingham, see for tickets.

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