Rocking the best shirt you have ever seen and her training mask, Patricia Vidonic puts in work hoping for a fight soon. Don't be scared homegirl, tell your promoter you would like to fight the little red head from Montana.

This is the beginning of the holiday season!  Been busy this week, all of the snow melted away and I didn’t notice until Thanksgiving.

We started our MMA program here in Billings last week with one student and as of Wednesday of this week we had four, plus myself!  Can’t wait to hit the gym and see who shows up tonight.

We still have openings for MMA training, so if you want to learn practical MMA without egos, no bullying, and in a positive hard working environment, hit us up at [email protected].  Affordable rates, classes Monday through Friday, contact us for more details.

Also, I am currently looking for a fight, I am fight ready, so if there is a replacement needed at 115ish lbs. I am your gal!!  I have gotten numerous “fight of the night” awards/recognition during my career.

I have a pro record of 5-1, I love to fight and it shows. Feel free to check me out at  Please spread the word!!

On Saturday November 19th, we woke up to a bunch of snow and the first ever St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital walk at the Rimrock Mall, here in Billings.

It was great! Jason and Mark participated in it with me, and there was just under 200 walkers.  Thanks to all who donated, it is all greatly appreciated!

During that weekend just here in Billings we all were able to raise over $10,000!!  Eighty cities across the country were a part of this experience that weekend, raising more than $3.1 million dollars!!

Between training, being a mom, helping friends move and sleeping, there was turkey day.  We slept in until 6:30 a.m.!!  Relaxed for a bit, did some rolling, showered then hit the kitchen to make a chocolate, peanut butter covered rice chex with powdered sugar on it.

There are lots of names for it, my kid calls it puppy chow (not to be confused with the dog type of puppy chow).  Mark wanted to make it, so I just assisted him a bit, we did 1 ½ the recipe; good thing he is good at math!

We all tested it out, and it was gooooood! Great job buddy!  He made two bags of it; one for us to take to a friends for dinner, Kat, Jake, Marilyn, Darrell and all the kiddos.  Thanks for having us over for a great dinner, we appreciate all of your hospitality.

Later that evening we headed over to our good friends, Angi and Brian’s, where we hung out with them and their girls for a few hours.  Relaxing, BS-ing, munching on food an enjoying life and those we share it with.

It was so cute to walk into the living room to see Mark playing the Cabela’s hunting game for the Wii, and their two youngest girls passed out with blankets, on the couches around him.  How precious!  We are truly thankful to have the friends and family in our lives that we do.

Every time I fight Jason makes my grandma Selda and grandpa Bud, who live in Oregon, DVD’s with my fight video and pictures from the fights.  Then another DVD with training videos (which they especially love), as well as pictures and video of all of the things we have done between each fight.

Grandpa was hunting when grandma got the package and wouldn’t watch it without him.  They finally called last week because they got to watch it.  They just loved all of it, as always.

They are in their 80’s, very reserved (grandma more than grandpa), and religious; however, fully supportive of my fighting.  They love it, and share it with everyone around them, no shame and just 100% proud.

I love my grandparents, they are amazing people who worked hard and earned everything they have. (I think they deserve more) I grew up watching boxing with my grandpa Bud, now he is an MMA fan, because I fight!

My grandma Selda is approx. 4’9”, sweet as can be and takes the DVD’s to all of her friends’ houses and shares them.  Thanks grandma and grandpa ~ We all Love you both!!

I got a sweet shirt in the mail this last week also, from my awesome friends at!! It fits great and I love it!! Thanks for the shirt, as well as the weekly opportunity to share my stories with all of you!! Thanks Jack Bratcher, Denny Hodge and all the crew at!!

I want to thank my husband/coach Jason for all he does for us.  Mark, for being a great kid.  All of our new students/my training partners for wanting to learn and progress.

Thanks to Dan, and his gym, 4th Avenue Dojo for everything! Thanks to Clint and Katie with Alternative Athletics CrossFit, who we share the gym with us during the day, you all ROCK!!

I also want to thank my sponsors ~ Nutra Bio ~ Super Body Care ~ Failures No Option ~ Big shout out to my friends at as well as

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→Don’t forget you can bid on my Banner with the life size picture of me on it!!

→I have someone who wants to make me a signature shirt, so I want MY fans to help me with the design. The person’s design I choose, you will get an autographed one for yourself.  Please check out this link for all the details:!/events/316741591671235/!

You can also follow me on my website ~ on Twitter at @lilpatriciamma ~ or on my Facebook Fan Page.

Please enjoy the pictures and video below…

~ Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving ~

Xoxo Little Patricia
~ Red Power ~

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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