Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

Beneath the bright lights of the strip in Branson lives a small Asian fellow, Tommy Tran. Tommy promoted an impressive fight card at the Hilton Convention Center Saturday evening in front of over 500 locals and holiday visitors.

Jeri Sitzes, a Strikeforce veteran and seasoned Muay Thai specialist, entertained and won a strongly contested main event against Jessica Bartness. Five professional MMA bouts and several other amateur contests were on the card at Midwest Ultimate Cage Fighting’s “Titans Rumble.”

We made the trip from Kansas City following a family feast at my sister’s home in Liberty. It was well worth the drive, witnessing several three round contests with plenty of action.

Our apparel, Hillbilly Fight Wear, was well received as always. Mad Croc Energy Drink, one of our sponsor brands, was in attendance with samples as well.

John DeVall and I had a nice conversation following his tough fought decision loss to Jacob Ritchie. The 20 pound weight cut did not help his strength from bottom, despite much success on his feet throughout the fight.

We are now headed in for our last sparring session with Andy Fleming. Andy will compete for the Middleweight Amateur Title this Friday at Voodoo Lounge in Harrah’s Kansas City.

This 34-year-old has won all three of his bouts by knockout due to strikes this year. He works days at the Kansas City International Airport and takes good care of his 7-year-old daughter, Isabella. This collegiate soccer player has dynamic athleticism and fantastic hand eye coordination.

He thumps strangers well. His opponent on Friday will be a wrestler from Missouri Valley named Chad Williams who recently won on a Shark Fights undercard with yours truly fighting on the main card that evening. This will be a great match-up in a beautiful venue.

The following night we will travel back to Clinton, Missouri for Throwdown in C-town. This Jeb Chiles Promotion has been a main stay in my travel plans for several years. Big William Moore will compete along with plenty other hungry locals, Pit Roberts and Cody Kreitler included.

I travel to all of these events so that I may have the privilege of sharing the stories. These men and women are exercising their individual liberty like most never do.

Lately I have read many stories about the NFL punishing their players for celebration and individual expression. I wonder, how long will the lure of money be enough for these men to sell their liberty?

Athleticism and courage are better served without control and conformity. Our younger generations are abandoning the traditional sports for the cage. All creatures yearn for one thing above all others.

The passion for freedom is the ultimate pursuit and that realization is the ultimate high. Some jump out of planes and some ride for speed, but all one has to do is fight. Life is a cockfight and in no other space can you feel that reality.

No individual experience can enlighten your soul, strengthen your confidence, shake your foundations and test your boundaries like human battle. It is a contest of will, intellect and physicality; a recipe without perfection. Our community leaders shouldn’t wear ties and shiny shoes.

Sometimes the fella with the shiner has the staunchest character. Remember when you look upon your neighbors to look with depth. Behind the wall is a story. That story is what makes the person. Stories with bumps and bruises are hard earned and honestly told. Let us speak with truth and we shall settle our differences. Thump a stranger.

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