Here we are with another episode of The Ultimate Fighter — first started off with the cliques between the casino, bible study and the upstairs group, which I did my best to separate myself from being with just one clique and just more tried to hangout with everybody.

The casino clique and upstairs guys were going back and forth with pranks most of the season. When Akira Corassani got Bryan Caraway with the haircut  Caraway took it extremely personal and wanted to get revenge and take Akira out.

This happened before the picks for the semifinals so Bryan used this as a way to try to convince Dana White that he should be the one fighting Akira in the semis which as we already know didn’t work because he is fighting Diego Brandao.

Now this prank that Team Bisping pulled was classic, this is my first time seeing it because the day they did it Caraway and I actually stayed home since that happened right after my fight with Diego.

When everyone came home you could tell something went wrong because everyone was irate especially John Dodson and Johnny Bedford and coach Mel who was throwing up the rest of the day.

The prank was a funny one but probably could have waited because it wrecked the gym and made it so we couldn’t train the rest of the day.

Now for the fight with Dennis Bermudez and Akira; this is actually the fight I thought would have been smarter to have in the quarterfinals so we could have got Akira out early and felt either me or Dustin Neace could take out Stephen Bass so it would be 3-1 Team Mayhem, but Mayhem decided to go the other way.

Akira and the rest of the upstairs group didn’t seem to like the Bible study group and they all tried to get into Dennis’s head with the pictures and writing stuff on the fridge that Dennis had said that made Dennis sound dumb and it lit a fire under Dennis to get him excited for the fight.

We figured Akira’s ground game was his weakness and Dennis was a strong wrestler who never quit, but the fight was a lot closer then we all expected with Dennis leaving his chin up and getting rocked a few times. But Dennis survived the storm, eventually got the take down and finished like we figured to put himself in the finale.

Hope you all have enjoyed this season so far and wanted to thank for the gear they have given me.

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