I’m back for another week of The Ultimate Fighter 14 and on this week it’s the last quarterfinal match up of the season with Team Miller’s Roland Dalorme vs. Team Bisping’s T.J. Dillashaw.

Originally, when Rolly’s foot had a problem he didn’t show anyone that something was wrong and we all kind of took it as him trying to duck T.J. with a fake injury but when he finally showed us his foot we all understood because it was horrible looking.

We figured T.J. was their toughest 135’er and that’s why John Dodson wanted to fight him to show how tough he is. When everyone found out that T.J. was saying he deserved to fight Rolly and not Dodson people seemed to lose respect for him.

John “Prince” Albert didn’t seem to care who he fought but figured Rolly was the better match up with him. And I think he thought T.J. could beat Dodson and he could beat Rolly which would make the semifinals have two fighters from Team Mayhem vs. two fighters from Team Bisping, instead of the three against one it turned out to be.

At the time I agreed that would have been the smarter move for Team Bisping but he made the decision he was comfortable with.

This was my first time seeing this fight between Rolly and T.J. I was actually in the back getting ready for my fight which was next and took place that same day.

I was back in the locker room trying to listen what was going on. I knew this was going to be a hard fight for Roland but was hoping he’d catch him.

I think T.J. showed how dominant he is in the weight class because Rolly is a lot tougher than he looks and T.J. looked really impressive and looked good in all parts of the fight.

Now for the semi finals match-ups being picked; Johnny Bedford really wanted to fight Dodson and took it personal that Dodson was giving info to the other team and he wanted to shut him up.

Bedford didn’t train with Dodson and was happy to get that match up which which set up Dustin Pague vs. Dillashaw for the next one.

In the featherweight semifinals Dennis Bermudez and Bryan Caraway both wanted to fight Akira Corassani because they both wanted the easier road to the finals. It was evident by  Caraway’s face he was not happy about getting matched up with Diego Brandao.

Now I want to give a special thanks to MMAHQ (www.mmahq.com) for all the cool gear they have sent to me and thanks to everyone who continues to read my blog.

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