Okay, we are now on episode four on The Ultimate Fghter 14 where it goes straight into Stephen Bass talking about how he knew he was fighting against Dennis Bermudez next, it goes into him training where he thought he was being pushed more then he probably should of the week of his fight.

I’m a believer of taking it light the week of the fight and going over mostly technique and recovery but Bisping was the coach and that was his choice.

During the fight selection Bisping didn’t show up, which clearly bothered Team Bisping’s fighters and I think that made them lose trust in him a little bit.

Dennis Bermudez vs Stephen Bass

Going into that fight we knew it was going to be a one-sided fight. From what we were hearing about Bass was that he was the weakest fighter on Team Bisping.

And we knew how good wrestling Dennis had and how he could push the fight for all three rounds if needed. The fight did go just as planned where Dennis controlled the fight from top and won by second round ground and pound.

After the fight Bass did come home and complain how gassed he felt from the way Bisping and the team pushed him. He later brought it up to Bisping and when Bisping had the team meeting about Bass’ complaints I think it turned the whole team against Bass and made him not really even wanted to be a training partner to help the other guys out.

Louis Gaudinot vs Dustin Pague

We figured Dustin Pague would be a good match up versus Louis Gaudinot because he was bigger than Louis and we felt his stand up was more well-rounded then Louis’.

The fight turned out to be so far the best fight of the season; both fighters gave it their all but Dustin kicks and knees got the better Luis in the first round.

The second round was also an exciting round until Dustin landed a solid knee that broke Louis’ nose and dropped him. Dustin then got on top and eventually got the rear naked choke to finish the fight.

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