The Ultimate Fighter 14 – episode 4 recap: “You have to hate to lose more than you like to win”

The episode starts off with more inside information for Team Bisping from none other than the “mole” John Dodson. Just like in episode 3, Team Bisping knows both of tonight’s matchups before they are even announced. Based on that information, the featherweight bout will be Team Bisping’s Stephen Bass versus Team Miller’s Dennis Bermudez.

Coach Bisping wastes little time getting Bass prepared, putting his fighter through an exhaustive but pretty standard training session — at least standard in Bisping’s eyes.

“Team Mayhem is two up, and I really, really want to win this fight,” Bisping said. “So we had Stephen put the gloves on and put him through some hard training.”

After two rounds of sparring, Bass complains about being tired and is concerned about being gassed for the fight, but gets little sympathy from his coach.

“At the end of the second round, Stephen didn’t want to do a third,” Bisping said. “Unfortunately that’s not going to cut it.”

Coach Bisping puts him through another round of training, and personally gives Bass a souvenir from the session in the form of a black eye.

At the fight announcement, Coach Bisping is a no-show, so Coach Miller uses a Bob boxing dummy as a stand in — complete with a Team Bisping jersey.

Coach Miller announces what everybody already knows, naming Dennis Bermudez as his pick, to face off against Stephen Bass from Team Bisping.

“Mayhem” knows that the strength of Bass is his kickboxing, so he focuses on the wrestling advantage that he feels Bermudez will possess.

Despite the confidence from Coach Miller and Bermudez about wrestling being the key to victory, Bass insists that it will not be a factor.

“They think they can out-wrestle me and lay on me for ten minutes like they’ve done the rest of the fights and that’s not going to happen,” Bass said. “I’m going to get that first win for the team.”

Featherweight Bout

Team Miller’s Dennis Bermudez vs. Team Bisping’s Stephen Bass

Round 1 – Bermudez fakes the take down and throws a right hand, then a kick. Bass counters with a right hand. Bass is sticking his jab out there nicely as Bermudez steps forward. Bermudez closes and clinches but cannot get the take down. Dirty boxing from Bermudez as he presses Bass against the cage. Bermudez keeps working and gets the trip take down. Bass is working a closed guard, then eats a right hand. Bermudez is landing short elbows now. Bass isn’t opening his guard very much to get off his back so far. Bermudez is landing left hands now. Coach Bisping is yelling for Bass to open his guard and use the cage to stand up, but he’s eating some ground and pound as Bermudez postures and lands. Bisping is still calling for him to stand up, but Bass is keeping his guard mostly closed. Bermudez stands and delivers some right hands. Nice ground and pound by Bermudez. Bass is doing nothing from his back. More right hands from Bermudez. He lands a big right hand and Bass rolls and turtles up. Bermudez gets both hooks in and then flattens Bass out and is delivering big shots to the head. The referee is taking a very close look. Huge left hands to the head of Bass. He rolls to his back and is getting pounded from the top. Domination from Bermudez but Bass survives.

Round 2 – Nice combo from Bass to start. To the body now. Big right hands from Bermudez. He lands a flush knee and Bass wilts against the cage and drops to the mat. He grabs a leg and Bisping is screaming for him to stand up. He does, but Bermudez puts him right back on the ground. There is no lay and pray here boys and girls. Bermudez is pounding him. He rolls, Bermudez flattens him out and is pounding him with left hands. He rolls to his knees, and Bermudez has his hooks in and extends him out again. More big shots from the top. Bass is doing nothing but taking shots. Bermudez hits the back of the head and gets a warning from the referee. Bermudez is landing big hammerfists now. Bass rolls to escape but Bermudez is smothering him. Bass is taking huge punches under the arm, and the referee finally puts a stop to the brutal beat down.

Official result: Dennis Bermudez def. Stephen Bass by TKO (Rd 2)

After the fight in the locker room, Bass looks like he got in a fight with a lawnmower. Coach Bisping is not happy about the performance in this episode or overall, telling his guys that they are losing because they refuse to listen to their corner’s instructions.

Coach Bisping shows up for the second fight announcement, and as expected, “Mayhem” selects Dustin Pague from Team Miller. Pague busts out a beautiful green afro to let his opponent know who he was going to be fighting —Louis Gaudinot.

Of course, Gaudinot already knew he would be selected thanks to Dodson, but so far that inside information hasn’t translated to any wins for Team Bisping in the Octagon.

Team Miller wants to know who the rat is, but at the same time, “Mayhem” states that he could care less if Team Bisping knows every fight matchup or not.

“I’m not sure how Bisping’s team really knows the matchups,” Coach Miller said. “But I don’t care if they know every damn matchup that we are going to put up. What are they going to do? They better train harder. It’s kind of hard to train with no coach.”

Dustin Pague explains where his nickname “The Disciple” came from, explaining that like the disciples of Jesus, it’s all about learning and teaching.

Coach Bisping has stayed pretty calm so far this season, but a talk with Stephen Bass after his loss changed all of that.

Bisping felt that Bass was blaming him for the loss, and decides to address the issue in front of the entire team.

After some back peddling, Bass did admit that he didn’t listen or follow the game plan, but insisted that the extra work in training affected him in the fight.

The team agrees with Coach Bisping on the topic, especially Gaudinot who will be next in the Octagon.

“When it comes down to it, Bass didn’t stick to the gameplan,” Guadinot said. “You know, don’t blame the coaching staff, win or lose, it’s your [expletive] that’s in the cage, and it comes down to what you do.”

Guadinot feels that he will have the advantage over Pague wherever the fight may go, and as the number one pick of Coach Bisping, the team is depending on him to turn the tables on the 0-3 start.

It’s fight time!

Bantamweight Bout

Team Miller’s Dustin Pague vs. Team Bisping’s Louis Guadinot

Round 1 – Push kick and jab from Pague. Gaudinot closes and eats a knee to the body. Guadinot comes in and lands a nice uppercut up the middle. Pague is using the front kick to keep distance, but Gaudinot gets inside and lands a nice flurry, punctuated with another flush uppercut. Pague comes back and fires a cracking knee to the head of Gaudinot. Another knee, wow! Guadinot is tough. Big exchange from both guys. Pague presses Guadinot against the cage and sweeps the leg. Guadinot is down but not for long. He listens to his corner and scrambles to his feet. Pague fires a couple more knees as they separate. Nice leg kick from Guadinot. He’s looking for the big uppercut agian. Pague ducks just as Guadinot attempts a spinning back kick. Uppercut again from Guadinot. Pague lands to the body and scores with another knee in the clinch. Exciting fight so far! Bisping is calling for a take down. Big leg kick from Pague. Gaudinot lands one of his own. Both guys are swinging for the fences. Pague just misses upstairs with the head kick. He is doing mad damage in the plum clinch with the knees. Knee, elbow, knee from Pague in tight. Guadinot pushes off to get some space. Pague with the superman punch. Gaudinot scores with a knee as Pague ducks in. Guadinot tries to clinch and get the fight to the ground but Pague stuff it and delivers more big knees in the clinch. Guadinot is a warrior surviving those knees. Guadinot lands a left hook as Pague comes in for another knee. Big round for Pague.

Round 2 – Guadinot comes out aggressive. Pague lands a big kick as Guadinot swings and misses. Pague staggers and drops Guadinot with a right hook. Pague is on top and gets one right hand in before Gaudinot gets back to his feet. Gaudinot turns into Pague and looks for a take down but cannot get it. Pague puts him on the cage, gets back to the clinch, and fires off a short elbow. Pague tries to get it to the ground but Guadinot defends. Pague goes back to the plum clinch and lands a brutal knee to the face that drops and bloodies Guadinot. Pague takes his back and is looking for the choke. Guadinot is trying to survive but the choke is tight. He taps and just like that, Team Miller is up 4-0.

Official Result: Dustin Pague def. Louis Guadinot by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2

I believe that this fight will definitely be a candidate for “Fight of the Season.”

In next week’s episode, Dodson will be exposed as the mole from Team Miller, and “Mayhem” will look for a strategy to counter the inside information and protect his fight picks.

We’ll see you next week guys. Also, be sure to check out Team Miller featherweight Steven Siler’s blog for this week, Steven Siler’s TUF 14 blog – episode 4, as he shares his inside perspective on everything that went down.

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