The third episode started out with that practice after Bryan’s fight where Mayhem brought out the pool toys and having a war with them; we did this a few times more just because its something fun to do and takes a lot more energy than you would think.

Then it went to Bisping getting us back for the tire prank where they took all four of Mayhem’s tire off of his car and put them in our locker room; we figured Team Bisping’s coach Tiki Ghosen was the master mind behind this prank just because Bisping isn’t that clever. Mayhem seem to be a good sport about it and didn’t take it personal.

After that it showed Team Bisping training where you could see how all of their egos got the best of them and seem like they just wanted to brawl which lead to Marcus and Diego going at it and getting into a shouting match. I got the feeling Diego never really got along with Marcus this whole season.

During this week is where a rivalry started between Dustin Neace and Akira where Dustin felt Akira kept going after his gear because Akira believed Dustin was the weak link of the team, so he was trying to get the easier match up in his mind.

Fight pick and match up
For this week’s match up Team Mayhem selected Johnny Bedford vs Josh “Taz” Ferguson. During the square off, since Dodson already told Taz he was gonna be selected he had the sign ready saying “F*ck you Bedford”, which got Bedford heated up.

Tam Mayhem already expected Dodson was giving information so we figured he also told Taz about Bedford’s broken hand which kinda got most of the team wanting to separate from Dodson because of that.

During the fight I felt Taz was getting better of the stand up but couldn’t get away from Bedford’s take downs where Taz got controlled the majority of the round and Johnny won the first round.

The second round was a much earlier take down and Bisping kept screaming for Taz to get up; when he finally did get to the feet he came in with a flying knee and got taken right back down and let Johnny control the rest of the second round to win a decision.

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