The clock is ticking closer to my fight, and I am getting very excited!! For those who aren’t sure who I am, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m “Little” Patricia Vidonic, I am a professional mixed martial arts fighter, wife and mom.

I fight very regularly and enjoy sharing my journeys leading up to and after each fight. My blogs describe how I prepare, where I’m training, who I’m fighting, the results, and even the daily trials of being a wife, mom and woman in a male dominate sport.

I always include a video and pictures at the bottom, so don’t forget to check them out too!! I have been training and fighting for a little over 2 ½ years, without any previous boxing, wrestling or martial arts experience.

I was 4-1 as an amateur MMA fighter, holding three titles at three separate promotions at two different weights. I went pro July 2010, I lost my pro debut to a much more experienced fighter, (by decision) Valerie Coolbaugh.

I gained a lot from that fight, (as I do any fight) and have come back better and stronger, winning every fight since.

I am in Billings, Mont., at the Grinder’s Grindhouse. I have a fight Oct. 1st in Fletcher, N.C. at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center. This is a BlackEye Promotion, the Breast Cancer Beatdown. Check out their website ( for ticket info, and where to watch it if you cannot get to North Carolina!!

My opponent is Avery Vilche, I know she is a true gamer, and tough chick. I give her props, she is always willing to step into the cage with a challenging opponent.

A portion of the proceeds and donations go to It Ain’t Chemo, a non-profit organization that directly supplies cancer patients with comfort items, advice and emotional support. Their ultimate goal for It Ain’t Chemo™ is to have a network of people who would assist in distributing IAC™ Packs to cancer patients at treatment centers nationwide.

I am doing a fundraiser for this fight, selling pink breast cancer ribbons that will be printed on my walk out T-shirt for $100 each and 50% of that is going directly to It Ain’t Chemo. The Paypal account is [email protected].

Also, everyone who purchased a ribbon will be put into a drawing for my walk out T-shirt signed!! Please spread the word and donate to a wonderful cause!!

I’ve been really working my butt off. I am always trying to better myself in my game wherever possible. I train with my elevation mask six days a week. The thing is amazing! I haven’t used the easiest O2 restrictor (yellow) since the first day I used it.

Now it’s all medium and difficult (orange and red). I can’t wait to feel my lung power in N.C.!

Friday night our friend Mike “The Mean Bean” Lopez, who represented the Grinder’s Grindhouse, won his first title belt ~ Way to go!!! Saturday was my two-year wedding anniversary, it was nice to spend it together, since last year I was filming that reality show, Ultimate Women Challenge.

I actually didn’t train that day, when we went to the gym, Jason said “no way”! LOL We had a fun afternoon with some friends from the gym celebrating their son’s first birthday!! Marky went to hang out with some friends from the gym and their kids. So we had a kid-free night… The next day I was back in the gym doing my thing, and have been since, even on Labor Day.

I am 3 ½ weeks out from my fight, I’m feeling better than I ever have before. I have lots of support, training partners, my family and friends. I am so grateful to thank my awesome husband for all the time he has put into my career as well; teaching me, encouraging me, pushing me and putting up with me ~ Thanks.

I want to thank Jack Bratcher and and all of you for following my blog. Also check me out on my Facebook Fan Page.

I want to thank my sponsors: Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ Failure’s No OptionLevel Terrain Apparel.

I have room for a few more sponsors, if you are interested, please contact us to discuss how I can promote your company. Contact me at [email protected].

Thanks again!!
Little Patricia

Highlights from a typical week of mixed martial arts training for “Little” Patricia Vidonic:

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” as she prepares for her next fight and continues her journey toward becoming the top 110-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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