“If I had hair, I’d pull it out…”

By:  Jeremy Luchau

It’s 5:30 a.m. and once again I sit down to write this blog and I’m pounding on the keys in frustration.

I can’t help it… I’ve tried to calm down, but I’m all flustered that we still have not signed someone to fight Isaac DeJesus for the Tachi Palace Fights Featherweight Title or a lightweight standout to meet title contender Fabricio Camoes.

There’s so much politicking that has gone into these fights.

From camps turning down fights or requesting certain styles of opponents, or fighters saying they’re interested then not returning calls, managers asking for crazy amounts of money and multiple managers calling about the same guy.

At the end of the day though it’s going to come down to who wants to really fight, fitting it into our budgets and making a competitive fight that works for the promotion.

The opportunities are there and we are turning out prospects that are signing with the UFC left and right.

Still, I can’t believe how difficult it’s become to work with some of the people in this business. I remember just a few months ago I blogged about some tips for getting fighters signed to Tachi and it seems like some people read that and thought, “hmmmm it would be cool to do the exact opposite”.

Probably some of you are questioning why I would even be concerned, because the show isn’t for a few months and there’s plenty of time to sign these fights.

But something I’ve always tried to do here is give fighters enough time to properly prepare for a fight so that we have the best possible fighter when it comes time to step in the cage. Although, I know that last minute changes are part of the game, I still want to give fighters opportunities to showcase their skills and be well-prepared.

Why? Because that’s what I’d want as a fighter and that’s what will help us showcase the best fighters in the world.

I’ve had a few leads for the DeJesus bout that are interesting. Most intriguing of which was a rematch with Brandon Visher. I was able to get Visher on the phone early this week, but he has since gone MIA. If you didn’t get a chance to see their first fight make sure you check it out on YouTube.

Finding an opponent for Fabricio Camoes has been much more challenging.

We have had some leads, but we have yet to settle on something. It has to fit for what we are trying to do with the promotion as well and can’t just be a fight just to have a fight.

To say that finding “suitable” opponents for these two has been difficult would be a monumental understatement.

So, I do what I do best and hit the Internet hard, researching, watching video and sending out messages.
By this time next week I will have signed both fights… if not, I suck.

Work has also taken some other interesting twists this week that I really can’t talk about too much at this point, but like signing a featherweight and lightweight, this time next week I can let you all know what else I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

This weekend there are two shows happening here locally in Central California. I wish I could attend both, but it looks like I will be going to Up & Comers 6 in Turlock, Calif. I’m looking forward to several bouts on the card including TPF vets Alex Perez vs. Sam Stevens-Milo and Kenny Ento vs. Jeremiah Metcalf.

But for the record, I’m calling it right now… the fight no one is talking about is Bobby Escalante vs. Alex Sandoval, which will be fight of the night.

I have two former teammates that I’ve trained with fighting on the Twilight Fight Night show in Woodlake, Calif. (best of luck to Sergio Quinones and Joey Cabesas). This is a new show, and I’m interested in seeing what they’re all about. I’m sure I will have someone report some good information for me.

It’s good to stay on top of all the fights in the area. This way we can always rob and steal what’s working well.


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