“Bye Bye Eddie Yagin and Jorge Lopez… Hello ????”

By: Jeremy Luchau

Another morning of pounding away on the keyboard, answering text messages and replying to Facebook emails. With the fight over three months away, the hard work is being put in right now to ensure that Tachi Palace Fights 11 can live up to the hype.

I’m always asked how we are able to push the limit for each and every show, making the next better than the last.

Really, it’s just hard work and staying on the grind. You have to continue to recognize your faults and mistakes and learn from them and adjust to them. You can never be satisfied with what you did last time.

There’s no time to admire your work.

The promoters that sit back and admire what they’ve been doing are the guys I’m gaining ground on or passing up.

I’m always looking ahead, I can’t sit there and just watch guys like Jorge Lopez and Eddie Yagin sign UFC contracts and not be prepared to replace them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very honored to have guys like that fight for us and move on, but on to the next one. I need to replace and keep working and I think that’s what separates us from a lot of other promotions.

We are already ready to replace Yagin against Isaac DeJesus for the TPF Featherweight title.

(As I was typing this I just booked a fight, and I’m excited to announced that a long-time Tachi supporter and local fan-favorite Darren Crisp will be back in action Dec. 2)

Sorry for the interruption, now back to this blog.

Our success in providing the very best proving ground for the UFC has come from recognizing mistakes and adapting and from being able to accept criticism. You need to have thick skin in this sport, because you will not make everyone happy and someone will always have something negative to say about you and or your business.

Tachi Palace Fights 11 will be the culmination of a great year of mixed martial arts at Tachi…

I’m hoping to leave 2011 with a bang.

I’m still waiting for signatures on some bout agreements, completed bio sheets, CSAC applications, Federal MMA ID forms, etc.

Once these items are complete, we begin work on all of our promo materials, distribute tickets and start selling the show.

Personally, I’m having a much better week with the exception of my new-found love for Uncrustables. I can’t seem to stop eating them and I feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds.


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