Fight Republic Ring Girls - Photo courtesy of Kevin Reyes Gibbs/Figure Four Fotos

Sean Shamrock fought at “Fight Republic: Reno’s Downtown Showdown” last weekend, and as I was putting together his interview and going through photos from the event, I happened upon this little gem.

Any MMA fan who has been to local shows knows it is always hit or miss with the ring girls. Sometimes they are smokin’ and sometimes it’s like, you gotta be jokin’. And then there’s usually maybe one keeper and the other couple are the promoter’s sister and cousin or something.

Rarely do you find a whole pack looking like this. Kinda makes ya wanna move to Reno, does it not? Or at least make a long visit.

I remember being up there for Fouth of July when I was a kid and they would have girls from the local Bunny Ranch riding horses in the parade. Never forgot that.

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