site sponsor is well-known for providing fighters with a great selection of gear at affordable prices. Thanks to same people who gave me the opportunity to review some gear from (one of Elite MMA’s companion sites), I got the opportunity to review some more gear, this time from Elite MMA.

Everlast Omnistrike MMA shorts. Picture from

First on the list, the Everlast Omnistrike MMA shorts. Most of the training I did in them was stand up, but with the little bit of rolling I was able to do, they stretched when needed and never seemed to be in any danger of tearing.  The large Everlast logo and small “E” logo pictured on the legs are both embroidered, something that is hard to find in a quality pair of MMA shorts without a large expense.  These shorts are available (with multiple size and color selections) for $29.99 at

Next up, the Throwdown Pro-Style MMA Grappling Gloves. I didn’t use these myself, but passed them along to one of my Matthew Wellington Group fighters, Brandon Demastes. Demastes said he liked the gloves because they kept his hands protected even while he was throwing hard shots, but the padding on the gloves wasn’t restrictive like he’s seen with some of the other gloves he’s fought in. The open palm didn’t restrict his grip at all, and the gloves have held up throughout multiple hard training sessions.

Any time I get a chance to order gear, I always get multiple pairs of handwraps.  If there is one thing I find that is constantly needed around the gym, it’s handwraps.  I favor the Mexican style wraps because of the extra protection offered by the additional fabric.  This time, I tried the Ringside Gold Mexican Style Hand Wrap. I’ve previously tried the same style of Everlast wraps, but I have to say the Ringside wraps are currently holding my top spot. They are elastic enough to give you a good fit, but I’ve also found that they tend to slip less than the Everlast wraps, and the velcro seems to stick better. I highly recommend these.

The last product I had a chance to review this time around was the Combat Sling Pack. This is the perfect product for the person doing more casual training who just needs a small pack to throw stuff into for a quick trip to the gym. However, it would also work well for the more serious person who needs something to grab and go. The pack will easily hold a full size pair of boxing gloves in addition to a few pairs of wraps, the normal stuff you carry in your pockets like keys, wallet, and cellphone, and I was able to squeeze a pair of shorts and a shirt in there too. For $19.99, it’s a great deal.

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