One of Victory Belt's newest releases: MMA Instruction Manual by Anderson Silva

In one of Victory Belt’s newest releases, MMA Instruction Manual: The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense & Ground Fighting, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva provides readers with some excellent instruction in various mixed martial arts techniques and strategies.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, boxing and Muay Thai specialist, and current UFC middleweight champion—is the most decorated martial artist in the UFC. In Mixed Martial Instruction Manual: The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, and Ground Fighting, Silva unveils the secrets to his fighting success.

Beginning where his first bestselling instructional book (Mixed Martial Instruction Manual: Striking) left off, he demonstrates how to devastate your opponent from the Muay Thai clinch with off-balancing techniques and brutal knee and elbow strikes. To ensure your opponent never gets the upper hand, Silva then shows how to escape and counter dominant clinch positions, unleash dozens of crafty takedowns, and overwhelm your opponent on the mat with brutal ground-and-pound techniques, slick passes, and bone-cracking submissions.

Leaving no stone unturned, Silva devotes an entire section to focus mitt drills that allow you to hone your striking combinations. If you want to possess a deadly Muay Thai clinch, stealthy takedowns, an impenetrable takedown defense, and the ground fighting strategies of a champion, this book is for you.

In Mixed Martial Arts Instruction Manual: The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, and Ground Fighting, Anderson Silva offers the fighting system that has made him the world’s pound-for-pound king of MMA.

With eight main sections spread out over 300+ pages with hundreds of full-color pictures, Silva demonstrates a number of the techniques that have led him to multiple wins the cage.

While the book reads as an instructional manual meant for the more experienced practitioner, those new to the sport could also get some great instruction from the basic concepts that Silva reviews, in addition to what was probably my favorite section in the book: Focus Mitt Combinations.

In Focus Mitt Combinations, Silva reviews a number of different punch/elbow/kick/knee combinations over forty pages. The combinations vary in level of difficulty and throughout the written instruction that accompanies the pictures, Silva speaks not only to the strikes used, but also the footwork and overall body movements that are essential to execute the combinations properly.

Those looking to add a new level to their focus mitt (or thai pad) combination sets will benefit greatly from this section. As with the other seven parts in the book, Focus Mitt Combinations is broken down into sub-sections, specifically:

  • Attack Combinations
  • Counter Straight Attacks
  • Counter Outside Attacks

Each section also has a “Same Stance” and “Opposite Stance”, demonstrating what to do when squaring off with an opponent with the same or opposite leg forward, respectively.

Overall, the book is an all-encompassing instructional manual.  In spite of the fact that Silva is well known for his clinch work and precision striking, the sections on Cage Tactics, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, Attacking the Guard, and Fighting off Your Back all demonstrate a number of useful techniques to complement the striking sections.

The entire book covers defensive as well as offensive techniques, shown from multiple angles in the pictures accompanying the individual techniques.

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