Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

What is it about fighting that draws so many young men and women to it’s threshold? Why would a young, able-bodied, hard-working, intellectual reduce themselves to being locked inside of a cage with another wild animal?

There are so many normal ways to enjoy life and make a comfortable income…

Inside of a cage is the last bastion outside of the box. Only inside lives raw freedom of expression. Fighters just have a different idea about what is entertaining…

You have to have passion about your work. The work has to appreciate your efforts in order for there to be love…

I love the fight business. Some of the most genuinely strong characters work inside of the cage. It may appear abrasive and aggressive, but we get work done. Thumpin’, Teachin’ or Rollin’, we are their to work and we organize ourselves.

Growing up in Maryville, we wrestled most weekends and we practiced daily. My brother and I used to come home from practice and have a roll on the basement floor. It pissed my mom off somethin’ awful. She was a fight fan until the day she died.

“He has always wanted to be a professional athlete and now he is living his dream,” she proudly stated. Our mom raised us to be good men. It didn’t matter what we did for a living, as long as we enjoyed it and it enjoyed us. That’s love, thanks mom.

I will compete in my first grappling competition this Saturday in Sedalia, Missouri. Invictus Submission Championships will take place at Mohler Hall.

I have never competed in a grappling only event. Let’s party. I have been needing a goal for a while. Thump a stranger sounds like a positive community action.

I feel I can relax now that things won’t be flying at my head and limbs. This will strictly be a grabbing event. It’s funny what we can get used to. lol

June 17th will mark the Inaugural Event of Rivalries MMA Championships at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. This venue has been host to Titan Fighting Championships, the parent promotion of Mr. Joe Kelly.

One of my training partners will be competing in his first amateur MMA bout. Andy Fleming is an athletic, 34 year-old, former collegiate soccer player. He has strong hips. He understands that you have to get in the cage, to feel out of the cage.

Nigro’s Western Store is now selling Hillbilly Fight Wear. Good people and great boots. I buy mine there from George’s daughter, Katie.

I met some real hillbillies up in Paris, Missouri this weekend. We played a four-man today in the heat, but it was entertaining. My back finally loosened up on about #7. Ain’t that how it goes.

The days are mighty different from when I was about seventeen. That’s when I could play golf. I ran into some head issues, lol. Stay up to date as my involvement in MMA is starting to amplify again. I love this game and all of the personalities involved with it.

Thump a stranger.

By Brian Imes

Brian Imes is an avid MMA fan turned professional fighter. He contributes stories to Pro MMA Now about his ever-evolving career. In less than two years he has fought some of America's best in the light heavyweight division, all while wearing his own brand, Hillbilly Fight Wear. Brian is the brother of The Ultimate Fighter season 2 and UFC veteran, Brad Imes. Learn more about "The Human Cockfighter" and his product at You can follow Brian on Twitter @HillbillyFightW or on Facebook.

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  1. where can i watch a video of the andy fleming vs. matt duff fight? i found some sites that claim to have streamed it live but i missed that. can you post it somewhere like youtube? thanks.

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