I just want to thank the MMA community for all of the love they have shown me. For a guy that is 5-6, I sure get a lot of joy from being a professional fighter. Every fighter, no matter how tough he thinks he is, yearns to be loved.

Our favorite people in the world are our mommas. Our mommas loved us and we want to make them proud. Our communities need leaders who are willing to stand up. I am proud to be a member of that community.

My momma loved that community. Fighters learn from mistakes and teach from learning. After my experience, I have had a lot of mistakes to draw knowledge from, but that just makes me seasoned.

For the past three months I have been running an MMA program at Kansas City Premier Martial Arts & Fitness in Riverside, Missouri, nursing another back injury, expanding the reach of my brand, Hillbilly Fight Wear, lobbying for the National Federation of Independent Business, and conducting sales for Infinity Roofing.

Life can be pretty demanding, but fighters are no strangers to work. We like to use our hands. My favorite project has always been Brian. Brian has needed some work for a long time. I have not fought since August of 2010.

That night I lost a lop-sided decision to John Ott at Bellator Fighting Championships. It wasn’t my greatest performance. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten how much I love to fight.

Every man needs his medicine. I prefer honest communication as my drug. Two men settling differences face to face is as honest as it comes. Don’t pick a fight that no one will pay to see. That’s not good for the community. Sound capitalistic? Not every business is evil, so have a little faith.

At our facility we teach Krav Maga, kids karate, and multiple styles of grappling and striking techniques. So far we have 10 young men who have signed up to learn about teaching. We train fighters because our communities need soldiers. We work , we teach, we fight, we entertain. We are learnin’ about teachin.‘

I keep myself busy, so I can’t find trouble. As a fighter, I like to take action. Discipline is a man’s best friend. We love dogs because they are easily disciplined. All ya gotta do is love em’. Fighting is loving and lessons are learning.

Thump a Stranger.

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