TUF 10 veteran and current undefeated UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione is a former NFL football player.

Undefeated UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione (4-0) was on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani today to talk about his scuffle with Tito Ortiz (15-8-1) that occurred at last week’s UFC Fighter Summit in Las Vegas.

Mitrione explained that he went up to Ortiz to introduce himself and Ortiz pushed him and that is what set off the interaction that was caught on video.

It seems Ortiz was upset over some things Mitrione had previously said which included references to Ortiz’s significant other, Jenna Jameson, who is also the mother of their twin sons.

Mitrione said Ortiz probably felt, as a man, he had to stand up for someone talking about his woman, and he respects that. However, Mitrione also said he would be willing to cut weight and meet Ortiz at a catch weight to settle this in the Octagon if need be.

First things first though. Mitrione has an upcoming fight with Christian Morecraft at UFC Live 4 on June 26, and Ortiz has to deal with Ryan Bader at UFC 132 on July 2.

But Mitrione made it very clear, “If Ryan Bader doesn’t retire him, I’ll retire his old ass.”

11 thoughts on “Matt Mitrione willing to drop weight to face Tito Ortiz”
  1. Mitrione is a bully who should pick on people his own size. First Koscheck, now Tito. C’mon Meathead, why don’t you pick on let’s say… Cain Velasquez or Shane Carwin. I thought not.

  2. Richard: I agree. Beating up a whole bunch of prospects or journeyman at HW that have little to no wrestling is different than dealing with Ortiz.

    He’s not on a good streak, but he is better than anyone Mitrione has fought thus far.

    BTW I think this is a pretty good timeline for what should happen in the UFC:

    -The UFC drops Davis out of the fight with Rashad, and puts the title match back on (because Jones now doesn’t need surgery).

    -They pull Bader from his fight with Tito, and him face Davis instead.

    -They set up Mitrione vs. Tito at a 220lb catchweight, or whatever Matt can make.

    -Give Morecraft the winner of Einemo vs. Herman.

    -Set up a kickboxing match between Pat Barry and Brandon vera. (That last one is optional because I want to see it).

  3. this is RIDICULAS, the comments coming from you guys are just completely retarded. Mitrione is a good dude and would TEAR THE FUCK UP in a match against Tito..and as for picking on someone his own size??? Are you retarded? Or did you just not know that kimbo backed out of a headliner fight against meathead….jesus uneducated fans make the whole sport look dumb.

  4. “Are you retarded? Or did you just not know that kimbo backed out of a headliner fight against meathead….jesus uneducated fans make the whole sport look dumb.”

    Huh? Kimbo backed out of a headliner fight against Mitrione? They fought on the main-card at Ufc 113. Mitrione won via tko 2nd round… Kimbo never backed out of the fight.

    You’re in no place to criticize peoples comments when you look uneducated/misinformed yourself lol

  5. lolol is correct 100% and I was there in Montreal to see it live, word of advice, next time you want to post something in a public forum, make sure you know the fact before you type, otherwise you end up looking like a retard.

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