(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA): Roufusport fighter “Danny Boy” Downes (8-1) was fully aware heading into his bout with Tory Bogguess (12-8) at the North American Fighting Championship (NAFC) event “Mayhem” that he was taking a large risk with his career. The UFC lightweight knew that if he lost, or simply performed badly, that his still-to-come debut with the world’s largest MMA promotion might be pushed back or even canceled. As a result, he entered the North American Fighting Championship (NAFC) cage with a lot on his mind.

Bogguess came out, throwing caution to the wind right off the bat. Here’s the rundown of the play-by-play from Sherdog.com: “Bogguess charged ‘Danny Boy’ at the bell, backing Downes into the cage with a Superman punch before scoring a takedown. Moments later, Downes found himself back-mounted and fending off a Bogguess rear-naked choke attempt, which then became a guillotine. Downes kept composed, however, and swept into top control, where he bullied Bogguess at the base of the fence. Bogguess managed to wall-walk and come out on top, where he fell straight into a triangle choke and was forced to tap out at 3:24 of the opening round.”

Downes was prepared for the attack. “I knew he was going to come out aggressive,” he explained. “Once I weathered his initial push, I knew that I had the advantage…my superior technique and training won.”

Many in mixed martial arts have questioned “Danny Boy’s” decision to risk his spot in the UFC with a fight where it appeared he stood to gain little. Downes had this response: “All’s well that ends well. Since I won the fight, it’s hard to question the move. It was great to get a fight in front of the Milwaukee crowd.”

So, what’s next for “Danny Boy?” “Hopefully, I’ll be back in front of that Milwaukee crowd again in August when the UFC comes to the Bradley Center.”

Also coming out on top at “Mayhem” was up-and-coming undefeated Roufusport light heavyweight Joe Cason (8-0). In the co-main event of the night, Cason took on UFC veteran Sean Salmon with an opportunity to run his fight-finishing streak to eight. 74 seconds after the opening bell, it was all over, as Cason, who wrestled with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones at Iowa Central Community College, stopped the tough Salmon with strikes. The future is certainly bright for the powerful youngster, and the NAFC looks forward to bringing Cason back. Big things are on the horizon.

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