Roufusport fighters converge on camp simultaneously to train for upcoming bouts

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA): Today’s MMA camps are constantly evolving. Long gone are the days of a fight camp only teaching one discipline, or even just two. Nowadays, competitors must be cross-training in all disciplines, from striking, to wrestling, to grappling… not to mention the emphasis that must be placed on cardio conditioning. As such, many … Read more

UFC lightweight Danny Downes weathers the storm at NAFC’s “Mayhem”

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA): Roufusport fighter “Danny Boy” Downes (8-1) was fully aware heading into his bout with Tory Bogguess (12-8) at the North American Fighting Championship (NAFC) event “Mayhem” that he was taking a large risk with his career. The UFC lightweight knew that if he lost, or simply performed badly, that his still-to-come debut … Read more