MMA world’s Twitter reaction to UFC purchase of Strikeforce

The MMA world was rocked today with the news that ZUFFA, the parent company of the UFC, had purchased Strikeforce.

The UFC has long been considered mixed martial arts’ premiere organization, while Strikeforce was number two, especially in the United States.

MMA is largely an Internet driven industry, and as news of the acquisition spread throughout the interwebs this afternoon, fighters and industry members alike took to Twitter to express their reaction and comment on the biggest change that has hit the sport since ZUFFA purchased Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships in 2007.

@JoshGrossESPN: “The UFC/Strikeforce split is all about contracts. Once they’re fulfilled with Showtime, I’m told a WEC type merger is planned.”

@KingMO_GDP: “I dont care if the UFC bought SF.Coker still my boy. I just want my check after I fight. Yall make it seem like Jordan came outta retirement”

@UFC: “And since we don’t have to hide it anymore we can tell you – Diaz vs. Daley tickets for April 9th are on sale today!”

@JerryMillen: “@GaryLaplante just one word PRIDE”

@BasRuttenMMA: “Wow, UFC does it again, haha, this is crazy!”

@nhbnews: “@mcmahon_brian We’ll see what happens, but I feel like cancelling Showtime now.”

@JoeRogan: “I’m psyched about the UFC buying Strikeforce, and I can’t wait to call those fights! Overeem vs Velasquez, anyone?”

@DanHendo: “What do I think of @ufc buying @Strikeforce & reuniting w/ @danawhite? Duh. Winning! #winning”

@mauroranallo: “Kudos to my man @arielhelwani for getting the story of the year! Very surprised and I hope things will remain “business as usual”. WOW!”

@MikeStraka: “@sinkcom Its a positive development. Worked for WEC”

@JonnyBones: “I just heard about this today, when is this happening? RT @joelheflin: @Jonnybones What are your thoughts on UFC buying Strikeforce?”

@stevecofield: “Gamechanger: UFC parent company buys Strikeforce”

@jordanbreen: “Just got an email insisting Dan Severn could beat multiple UFC heavyweights. On any other day, I treat it with drugs. Today, I embrace it.”

@The_Lutfi: “Somewhere Mark Pavelich is thrilled that he can actually claim to be the #2 organization in MMA right now”

@MieshaTate: “Is it really tre Zuffa bought @Strikeforce ?? This could be a good or bad thing for the women, hope it doesn’t change for the worse”

@ArielHelwani: “Everyone keeps asking about Fedor, Daley, Showtime etc. Watch the interview, everything is answered there, my friends.”

@kennyflorian: “Still waiting for WEC to come back into the game & surprise us all by buying the UFC. #HugeUnderdogMove ;)”

@Jon_Anik: “@zlpaschal I think it is great news for MMA and I believe a merger is an eventuality. The UFC just gets it.”

@MMAJunkieJohn: “@Ugly_Dog I’ve had several requests to confirm this wasn’t an early April Fool’s joke.”

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned to updates on this Tweet list. We will add more interesting Tweets from the MMA community as they become available.

6 thoughts on “MMA world’s Twitter reaction to UFC purchase of Strikeforce”

  1. That’s what Miesha was worried about Sacred Savage. It doesn’t look good in the long run that’s for sure. Once their current contracts are up and Strikeforce officially dissolves… it’s probably over for women’s mma in the big leagues….. on the other hand.. if the FANS make enough noise, they can change things. That is one thing about Dana, he will listen to the fans for the most part.

  2. Yeah, i hear ya bud… To be honest with…I enjoy women mma fights just as much or more then the mens see two women pour their hearts and souls out there in the cage is amazing… I mean you expect it from men naturally but from women!.! Well i would love to be part of any event that would allow women mma fights…I would love to see an all womens mma event go up!.!This is the saddest news i’ve heard all year… Hope evrything stays pretty normal.. Cheers guys!.! Sacred Savage….

  3. I think women are safe in Strikeforce until at the least the end of the deal with Showtime. Even if Zuffa lowers the boom, there will still be women’s MMA. It might not be as high profile. However, there is clearly an audience for women’s MMA and promotions willing to put on the fights.

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