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BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — No, we didn’t spell the title wrong. Danny Lauzon did not get “spanked” or even “skanked” (whatever that means). My man got shanked (that means some type of knife was stuck into his body) in a parking lot outside a pub in Bridgewater, Mass., late last night.

Not a lot of details are being released at this point, but evidently Danny was stabbed in the top of his shoulder by his opponent known as “group of men.” Danny usually fights at lightweight, but the weight class of the opponent(s) was not given. Lauzon’s injury is being called “non-life-threatening.”

On a side note, when Danny’s older brother, Joe Lauzon, got the news around 2 a.m. that his brother had been stabbed and was on his way to the hospital, Joe jumped up and rushed out so fast he twisted his ankle and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, it turned out to only be a bad sprain, but it did cause him to have to cancel a goodwill military trip to Iraq and gave him a bad case of one-legged cankles (I guess that would be a cankle).

Although injured, the Lauzon boys are not beaten.

Danny Lauzon, at 18, was the youngest fighter ever to compete in the UFC. His brother, Joe, is a veteran of “The Ultimate Fighter” season five and a current UFC lightweight.

Source: Enterprise News

One thought on “Danny Lauzon gets shanked”
  1. Hmmm…

    “Not a lot of details are being released at this point”

    Wonder if Joe’s ankle was hurt helping Dan put a whoopin on the punks who shanked Dan???

    It would not look good if Joe was known to be at a bar hours before a trip to Iraq…

    “yea, yea, that’s it…I rolled it on the way out the door to the hospital”.

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