Kentucky based promotion Absolute Action MMA returned to Turfway Park in Florence, KY, on 11/20/2010 for AAMMA VII. Mike Menninger, co-host of The Cageside Beat, was on hand to keep up with all the action for Pro MMA Now. Technical difficulties prevented us from getting this posted before now, but here are the results and play-by-play as recorded by Mike in his signature minute-by-minute style. If you haven’t had a chance to see an event through the eyes of Mike Menninger, get ready.

7:38 – Sightings of pro fighters Jim Davis, Roger Bowling, and lots of guys wearing neon vests, presumably on work release picking up trash.
7:39 – Announcement from the heavens that we’ll be starting in 5 minutes, followed by Enter Sandman. I’m ready to go.
7:41 – Todd Neal (Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority) blows the horn. Apparently he’s ready to go too.
7:42 – Rick, the announcer, lets us know we’ve got 3 ammy titles on the line. His black tux is looking sharp as usual.
7:43 – Judges are announced. Shoulda been me. Dammit. I’m stuck blogging. Chris Kinman is the ref.
7:44 – Introduction of the… Hexagon Girls, I guess?? Anyway… looking good. And they’ve got on their asses. Got it.
7:45 – Star spangled banner and the lights come down.
7:46 – The crowd is ready for the first fight, based on its reaction.

7:47 – First fight is Eric Price (EP) v. Nathan McComas (NM). It’s, umm, dark up in here . Cage lights don’t seem as bright as they could be. First Hexagon Girl enters to a smattering of applause.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Circling. Leg kick from EP early. Body kick from EP to follow. EP slips and NM takes his back. EP controls the wrist, but eats from shot to the head and to the side. NM works to get the hooks, but EP defends well. The roll and NM on his back. NM gets the hooks, but EP controls the wrists. NM works to get the body triangle. NM throws some punches to loosen the wrist control of EP, but EP doesn’t take the bait. More shots from NM. NM doesn’t quite have the body triangle, but it’s close. More swooping shots loosen EP’s grip, and NM slides the forearm under the neck. EP keeps control of NM’s other wrist 2 on 1, just like they teach, and EP still defending. 10 seconds to go, can NM survive. Chin appears in the way, and EP survives. Looks like 10-8 NM.
7:53 – Ooh, we get some tunes in between rounds. And Hexagon Girl 2 is the hottest so far, in case you’re wondering. And I know you were, you dog.

Round 2 – touch gloves again NM leads with a leg kick. Circling. Straight right from NM, Superman punch from NM lands, and EP slips. Body kick lands from NM. NM looks fresh. EP looks worn. Big right from EP misses and NM shoots from the double and gets it. Lots of corner men and women tonight. One of them might be someone’s mom. Awesome. Slow action as NM works to side control. Body shots from the top. NM looks to isolate the arm for a kimura. Looks like he’s got it. He cranks but EP pulls out. More shots from the top from NM. NM keeps the arm and throws some more punches. EP taps due to… close submissions and strikes, apparently with 0:57 left in the round. Tough fight from both guys. We had a tough angle, and apparently NM had a reverse triangle from the top on the side we couldn’t see. Nice finish, and a good start to the night of fights.
7:58 – Rick tells us to check out Fight Ribbon. Do it. I’ll wait.

7:59 – Next fight is Shawn Phillips (SP) and Ray Allen (RA). The ladies love them some Shawn Phillips. I guess Rondo was too busy. Hexagon Girl 3 brings the heat too. I like sitting cageside.

Round 1 – No touching gloves this time. SP fires in with a big right that misses, and RA grabs him and slams SP hard. SP has RA’s head in a lock behind him, but RA transitions to the side, grabs a guillotine and stands. Slam back to the mat, and SP on tiop, still in danger of a guillotine. RA slides over, stands, and falls back hold in the guillotine. SP able to get his head out after a few seconds, and begins throwing punches. A few get through, but in the chaos, RA throws his leg up and grabs an arm, transitions to arm bar and locks it in. SP taps 1:14 into the round. It’s kind of a reverse armbar, pushing the joint against the leg instead of pulling it into the crotch. Slick jits from RA.

8:07 – And just as with all ammy MMA shows, we’re hauling some serious ass through the fight card. Next fight is Cody Alexander (CA) and DJ Smith (DJ). The guys touch gloves when DJ comes into the cage.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Quick feet from DJ as they circle. Leg kicks from CA. Circling. Leg kick from DJ. CA grabs one and drops DJ. CA working from the tope, as he works to mount, DJ kicks up and rolls to stand. The clinch, and CA grabs DJ and slams him down. CA working from full guard. CA’s corner is chatty, DJ’s is silent. DJ doing a good job of tying up CA. CA throws some lefts to the body, but no serious damage yet. DJ looks to slide out, but CA smothers. DJ looking to pull rubber guard maybe, but CA adjusts and stays in full guard. DJ looks from guillotine, but CA defends well. CA postures and throws some rights that land. DJ pressed against the cage. CA moves to half and throws a right left right left from the top. CA’s instep on the right leg of DJ, looking to clear half guard. CA moves to side, and quickly gets the mount. DJ holds tight. CA’s corner warns him not too high. Elbows to the body from the top. Round ends with CA on top. Looks like 10-9 CA.

Round 2 – CA’s corner says to watch the guillotine. Circling. CA shoots for the double but good sprawl from DJ. DJ against the cage, has the underhooks. CA traps the leg and drags DJ down, but DJ stands and grabs for the guillotine. CA slams, and DJ holds onto the guillotine. CA slips out and quickly works to full mount. Throws some punches as DJ covers up. DJ holds on tight, but CA stays on top. Some nice shots from the top land and DJ covers up. DJ tries to buck CA off, but CA’s not going anywhere. DJ rolls to his side, but CA forces him, back on his back. Lots of punches raining from the top. DJ covers up and nothing else. Could be stopped any minute. And it is 2:00 into the second round. DJ looks frustrated. CA stays undefeated.
8:17 – Hexagon Girl 2 brings in the trophy to give to CA. I’m not sure what’s up with the trophies. A Ham says they look like Oscars. Works for me.
8:19 – Rick wonders if the crowd is having a good time. Yes… yes they are.

8:20 – Next fight. Of course it is. Gary Bozeman (GB) v. TJ Roland (TJ). I like the guys who already go by their initials. Makes my job a little easier. Good god, I have to type so fast. You should see the massacre of text that this thing is before I edited it to make it legible.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. TJ charges in, GB sprawls and TJ grabs a guillotine. Looks tight. GN throws some punches, but his face is trained. TJ holding tight on the guillotine, but GB looks like he’s gotten his head out. GB scrambles and throws some desperate punches. TJ refuses to let go of the guillotine. Joe Rogan would tell you that he’s tiring himself out. GB pops out and tries to stand, TJ holds on and GB slams him down and lands in full guard. Heavy breathing from GB, and his corner tells him to breathe. Good short right from GB, and TJ looks to get a triangle. Double triangle kind of. GB postures up and slam TJ, and TJ still looking to isolate and arm. BG still in full guard. Good hammer fists from GB from the top. Both guys throwing, nothing landing squarely. More hammer fists from the top. TJ takes one last effort at a a triangle with a few seconds left. GB postures and slams again as the round ends. If I’ve got to vote, I give it GB for defending well and controlling the better part of the round on top and throwing strikes. Cecil Peoples would have given the round to the ref.

Round 2 – GB wants to touch gloves. TJ obliges. Both guys look worn. Front leg kick from GB kind of lands. GB tries to grab the thai clinch and throw some knees. He grabs TJ and slams him. TJ looks for the triangle, but just doesn’t have it. GB works from the top in full guard. Warning from the ref not to punch the back of the head. TJ works for rubber guard. What a weird position. TJ throwing some shots from the bottom. Not much behind them though. GB postures and throws some short punches that land. TJ isn’t having. GB gets warned from finger in the eye. Ref is doing a great job on this one… he’s on top of it all. GB postures and stands, TJ looks for rubber and almost gets the shin under the neck. Straight knee from GB from the top… ref says it was up into the spine of TJ… might have hit him in the pills though. Either way, it hurt like shit, and the ref stops the action. TJ has 5 minutes to recover. Definitely unnecessary roughness to the balls. Ref deducts a point during the stop in the action. TJ says he’s sick to his stomach. Doctor tending to the fight… stops the fight. Round of applause as TJ gingerly gets to his feet. The guys hug it out. Fight stopped 1:57 into the round. Winner by DQ is TJ.

8:33 – Another fight. Why the hell not. Anthony Stamm (AS) v. Nick Noe (NN). Either AS brought some fans, or he has a huge family. Hmm. NN has quite a few fans too. Maybe it’s just the fight fans, boys and girls. Gotta love the “Woooo”s happening. Feels like MTV’s spring break all up in here. Apparently AS is from, umm, Team Genocide? Seriously, bro? Apparently Team Third Reich was too obvious.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Quick to engage, and they clinch against the cage. Both guys trying to trip the other. NN drags AS down, but AS rolls and lands on top in full guard. NN working for a head lock, and presses AS against the cage with his back. They stand, and knees from NN. Circling again. AS throws a front kick, and NN lands a massive fu**ing left that just about puts AS to sleep. AS hits the mat and NN jumps on to finish, but the ref is there to pull him off before he can. AS was in another dimension for a few second. KO by NN 1:39 into “THE VERY FIRST ROUND.”

8:39 – Mad props to Kinman tonight. Arguably the best ref job I’ve seen so far at any level of the sport. Greg Franklin isn’t even in the same league as Kinman. Get this guy in the UFC already.

8:41 – Intermission time. Screw you all, I’m taking a break too.

8:53 – Rick is announcing some special guests. We’ve got some 5-12 year old wrestlers here. Neat. They’re coming into the cage. They don’t look nervous at all. Nice round of applause for the kids.

8:55 – First title fight tonight on deck, this one for the LHW belt. Jeremy Knisely (hear “Nicely”) (JK) against Troy Blevins, Jr. (TB). First time the belt’s been on the line.
8:59 – I just stepped on my shoe lace and untied my shoes. In other news, lots of tats on Hexagon Girl No. 1. I dig.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Lots of circling. TB with an inside leg kick that lands. More circling. More circling. Even more circling. Title’s on the line, fellas. OK… Here we go… Big right head kick from TB lands, and JK’s hurt. Follows with another, and TB scrambles to avoid. They stand, and JK throws another kick that lands. As TB hunches over, JK hits him square with a left that stuns TB, and the ref decides TB’s had enough. 1:17 into the round, JK becomes the LHW AAMMA Champ.

9:01 – Challenger for the belt is brought into the cage as the doc checks out TB. Looks like TB is OK, although I’m sure his ego took a beating as well.
9:03 – Hexagon Girls giving away free t-shirts. Also, they’ve ditched the wife beaters and are wearing the bikini tops. Shrewd move.

9:04 – We’ve been idle in the cage for more than 6 seconds, so it’s time for another fight. Of course it is. Bill Underwood (BU) against Matt Bell (MB). This fight was not on the official card.
9:06 – I think Hexagon Girl No. 2 is the hottest. Then again, she’s in front of me right now. I have a short memory.

Round 1 – Touch Gloves. Leg kick from MB. They clinch and BU spins MB to the ground. MB in full guard. BU tying him up pretty well. MB stands and scrambles to BU’s back. BU defending, and they stand. Big knee from MB. He’s holding onto a guillotine. More knees from MB. MB presses BU into the cage. MB gets the single leg trip and back to the mat. MB shifts from half to side to full mount quickly. Slick. MB takes his back and BU’s corner tells him to roll out, which he does. After a struggle, they stand. BU has the underhooks. MB warned about grabbing the fence. MB judo trips BU and falls into half guard. BU controls MB’s head, and MB isn’t able to mount much offense here. BU ends the round in full guard. Easy 10-9 round in favor of MB.

Round 2 – Touch gloves again. MB with a straight left that lands. They scramble against the cage, and MB looks for the guillotine. BU drops for a single to defend, but MB stays on him. MB’s ass literally right in my face. MB drops some punches. BU stands, but drops back to the knee. MB transitions over BU’s shoulder, grabs an arm and quickly locks in the kimura. With his face on the ground and his shoulder being pulled out of socket, BU has no choice but to tap 1:05 into the round. Impressive showing from MB.

9:15 – Should we do another fight? Rick says yes. Michael Gay (MG) faces off against Will Ramirez (WR). As WR enters, he slaps five with MG.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. WR gets a quick dl and ends up on full guard. WR shoves him to the cage, and MG looks to isolate a leg. MG walks up the cage, and we’re standing. MG throws a knee as they separate. MG shoots in, grabs WR, lifts him up and gets a huge slam. WR grabs an arm as they land and looks for the arm bar. Transition to triangle and WR may have it. MG is scrambling and gets his head out. The crowd is loving this fight. MG tries to take his back, and he spins into side control. Quick transition to mount. WR covers up and rolls over. MG takes his back, gets the hooks in and drops some big shots to the side of WR’s head. Kinman steps in and pulls MG off him 1:30 into the round. I guess WR tapped due to strikes. I didn’t see it, but if Rick says it, it’s gospel.

9:22 – Another fight. My fingers hurt. Tyler Voth (TV) against Brandon Demastes (BD). TV rocking the compression shorts. I feel like I know… lets say a lot… about him now. Good times.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Circling to start. BD throws a punch, but gets his leg kicked out from under him. Back to his feet and presses TV against the cage. BD looking for a take down. As they separate, BM throwing some big shots. TV trying to respond, but he looks hurt. BD keeps pressing and lands a few more. As they clinch, BD throws him around and judo trips him. TV on the ground and BD stands over him and leans on him. BD looks for guillotine but lets go quickly and throws a knee that lands. TV with a head kick that misses by a lot. BD lands straight right. More rights to the body. They clinch against the cage, BD in dominant position. TV has takes some real damage so far. BD throws TV off. BD’s corner remind him to keep his hands up… long enough apparently for TV to shoot for the double leg and get it. TV falls into BD’s full guard. Neither guy too busy yet. A few punches from the top from TV. BD looks to stand, but TV stays on top. TV works to side but BD gets half back quickly. BD doing a good job keeping TV from posturing up. TV presses his forarm against BD’s face and drops a big punch as the horn sounds. Probably BD takes the round for the early and heavy onslaught. Great first round.
9:29 – Apparently Hexagon Girl No. 2 is named Lindsay. Hey… it matters!

Round 2 – Touch gloves again. Left from TB lands to the jaw of BD ,who shrugs it off. TV pushes BD into the cage, and they separate quickly. Wild head kick from TB barely lands, but doesn’t phase BD. They clinch, and TR pressed BD against t cage and drops for a double and gets it. TV in full guard, but BD working for the left arm of TV. A few punches to the side of BD, but not much action. Todd Neal isn’t even watching. Come on, man… there’s a fight 8” In front of you. Look up! Same position for a while now, not much going on. A few elbows to BD’s side, but TV seems content to ride this out on top. BD postures and looks for a possible triangle/armbar. TV defends well and drops a hammer fist as he pulls out. More punches to the ribs from TV. BD trying to control the wrists of TV and he swings his leg over for an armbar, but TV defends well again. That was close. BD holds TV down. TV passes guard and gets mount as the round ends. 10-9 TV that time. Looks like we’ve got a 3rd round for the first time tonight.
9:33 – BD’s corner trying to keep his head in it. BD may be discouraged he didn’t finish this fight early. It was really close.

Round 3 – Touch gloves again. Circling. Head kick from TB misses. Both guys cautious. Inside leg kick grazes Bd. They clinch, and BD presses T against the cage. BD looking for a single, but TV gets the underhooks. TB drives BD back, grabs a foot, and drops BD to the mat. TV in full guard. They separate for a second, BD kicks up and looks to stand, but TV drops back on him and lands a punch on the way int. TV in side control and presses knee into the stomach of BFD. BD works to get half guard back. BD tries to buck TB, but TV stays in control. TV pressing BD against the cage. BD muscles TB up and flips out. They stand and clinch. TV drives for the take down, and BD throws a leg over and looks to take TV’s back. BD is high on his back, and transitions to an arm bar. No dice as TV pulls his arm out and stays on top. Big knees to the side of BD from TV. Those hurt BD. TV still on top, and BD grabs an arm looking for an armlock. No can do, and we run out of time. 10-9 TV on my scorecard.

9:38 – So the judges get to actually work tonight! Lazy sons of bitches. Official decision, UD… 29-28 in favor of TV. I’m 1 for 1. Cecil Peoples had it 49-46 for Penn.

9:40 – If you guessed we’re doing another fight, you win fabulous prizes. I guess the promoter parked at a metered spot or something. Next fight is Lance Van Hoosier against Steven Ware (SW). Should I go with 3 initials for Lance? First 2? Last 2? I can’t decide. Okay, LVH it is. I assume it’s how he’d want it.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Some sloppy punches from both. SW lands a couple, they clinch, and spin, and hit the mat. SW ends up on top in full guard. LVH looks to grab an arm. SW stands, LVH presses with his legs, and SW falls backwards, landing on his back. LVH stays right with him and ends up on top. LVH lands some good shots. They roll, and LVH takes SW’s back. LVH has the hooks and looks for the RNC. SW keeps good wrist control. LVH gets the arm under the neck. SW tries to pull the arm out, but it’s not going anywhere. LVH tightens it up, and Kinman stops the fight 1:32 into the round.

9:45 – I have to say that these fights are, as a whole, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best ammy MMA fights I’ve seen.

9:46 – Next fight. Feels like an eternity since the last one. TJ Canfield (TJ) against Peter Van Zijl (hear “Zile”). Screw it, I’m not doing 3 initials anymore. He’s just P.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Leg kick from TJ. TJ keeping distance and throwing some straight shots that miss. P pushes him against the cage, and TJ jumps on him and tries to grab a guillotine. They separate and a good upper cut from P. TJ trips, and P follows him, throwing a kick and some punches. Looks like in the melee TJ took a shot to the jewels, and Kinman, naturally, jumps in to pause the action. Fellas, watch your junk tonight. TJ’s a gamer, and action is set to resume. Touch gloves. Circling. Body kick from TJ is grabbed, and P drags him to the ground, looking for guillotine. P lands some shots to the side of the head of TJ. TJ drives and is able to reverse and take top position. P still working the guillotine. P wraps his legs up over TJ. The guillotine was in deep, and TJ taps 1:35 into the round. TJ’s nuts still hurt as he walks to the center of the cage. Let’s hope one of the Hexagon Girls can give a brother a hand, huh?

9:54 – Time for another intermission. Again, screw you guys. I’m taking a break.

10:13 – We’re back. And we’ve got the WW Ammy title on the line. Nathan Lawrence (NL) v. Jesus “Huey” Contreras (JC). Again, first time the belt’s been up for grabs. See… now I’m a fan of Hexagon Girl No. 1. I’m such a whore.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. And the lights got brighter. Circling. Body kick from NL. Good left right from JC. They trade wildly. Another body kick from NL. More wild punches being traded. Both guys keep trading. Lots landing. This fight is nuts. Exchanges reminiscent of Don Frye v. Takayama with hands behind heads and just throwing tons of shots. Inside leg kick from NL followed by outside leg kick. Another outside leg kick. JC’s lip is bleeding. More heavy exchanges from both. Circling. Outside leg kick from NL. NL’s mouthpiece goes flying, and Kinman pauses the action. Touch gloves to restart. More kicks from NL landing. Good outside leg kicks. JC throws a right that lands. Head movement from NL. JC throws a body kick that is caught. They separate. More trading of punches. JC charges in and swings for the fences. NL obliges and returns the favor. Circling. Body kick from JC, and a flurry exchanged as the bell rings. I see it 10-9 NL.

Round 2 – Touch gloves, although they miss. They both smile. NL presses JC against the cage, looks for a single. JC defends well, gets underhooks,. JC grabs the head and holds a guillotine, but it’s loose. JC lets go but throws a knee. NL grabs a single leg and swings JC down to the mat. NL in full guard. Throwing big punches from the top, but JC punching from the bottom too. More big punches from NL from the top. NL still in gull guard. NL looks to pass and gets to half guard. Good punches from the bottom from JC. Body shot from NL as he postures up and stands. NL standing over JC, and KC looks for the upkicks. NL throws JC’s legs to the side and looks to get to side control. JC holds his head with his leg, spins, and grabs a leg. They roll over, and NL lands on top in half guard. JC holding NL down. NL takes mount but falls back and JC grabs a foot looking for a heel hook. Nothing doing as the round comes to an end. 10-9 in favor of NL again.
Round 3 – Hooray. We made it to round 3 again. Circling. NL leg kick misses. NL head kick misses. Straight left from JC misses. Outside leg kick from NL lands. Inside leg kick from JC lands. JC gets the clinch and does some dirty boxing. As NL comes in, JC grabs a thai clinch and lands a knee. JC pulls out and grabs a thai clinch of his own and lands some knees to the body. Outside leg kick from NKL. JC presses him into the cage. As they separate, JC gets a thai clinch and throws a knee that misses. Heavy exchange of punches from both guys. JC lands a good left-right. NL pushes JC into the cage. JC get a clinch and throws some punches, dirty boxing-style. Big left from JC. Lots of punches from JC. NL looks hurt and he drops for a single. Presses JC into the cage, but JC turns him and they hit the mat, KC on top in full guars. Punches from JC from the top. NL looks to get a triangle and JC postures up. NL transitions to armbar and almost has it. JC defends. NL tries one more time for the armbar but can’t get it before the bell rings. 10-9 for JC. Also, we’ve been hit with blood. Assholes. Keep it in the cage.

10:30 – Fight of the night, hands down. Crowd loves it. Official decision: 29-28 NL, 30-27 JC, 29-28 JC. Wow. I disagree. But a great fight nonetheless. And I won’t be typing “nonetheless” any more tonight. You have my word.

10:34 – Let’s go… 3 minutes? Let’s get some fights going. Chris Smith (CS) v. Josh Franklin (JF) for the HW belt. Franklin has the belt… at least for now. CS with a ballsy move, rocking a singlet. Only real men wear singlets. JF is wearing a shirt. When did we get bashful in this sport? Lotta meat in the cage right now. Also, I’m now in love with Hexagon Girl No. 3. Hope my wife isn’t reading this.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Straight right from CS. Circling. Another right from CS. Superman punch from CS lands. Missed side kick from CS. Lunging jab from CS. JF finally throws some punches. They circle some more. Body kick from JF missed. Body kick from CS lands, followed by good right hand to the jaw of CS. Good lunging left from CS again. Circling. Right from JF as CS throws a body kick. Small cut on the nose of JF. Circling. Head movement from CS. The both throw punches, and their gloves actually meet. I think they’re married in some cultures now. CS throws a kick that JF grabs and tosses to the side. HOLY SH**! MASSIVE HEAD KICK FROM CS HITS JF SQUARE IN THE FACE, AND JF IS COMPLETELY OUT!! JF is still out, but I can see he’s breathing heavy. Doc’s trying to bring him back to consciousness. Smelling salts doing what they do. Eyes open, he’s alright. Hell of a KO though. CS noticeably concerned as he watches the doc tend to JF. JF back to his feet, but he clearly has no idea what happened. Fighters exchange a hug before JF makes his way out of the cage. Great sportsmanship here. KO occurred 2:17 into the fight. And we’ve got a new HW champ!!

10:45 – Long live the singlet, yes?

10:47 – And we’re headed to the pro portion of the evening. Can I get a hell yeah?

10:49 – First pro fight is JR Hines (JR) against Chris Bennett (CB). JR’s sporting the Fight Ribbon wear. Uh oh… the crowd loves them some CB.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Circling. First kick from CB hits JR right in the nuts. JR in a ton of pain. Kinman pauses the action. JR writhing on the ground in pain. After a couple of minutes, doc waives the fight off. Official decision is a No Contest. JR still down. Something weird must have happened. The crowd is none too happy with the result. Some fu**tards yelling at JR to “get up” or telling him he sucks. Screw you, crowd.

10:57 – I’m uncomfortable thinking about what might have happened to JR. Ugh.

11:00 – The crowd is ready for more fights. Next pro bout is Ian Rammel (IR) and TJ Ball (TJ). IR runs into Kinman as he runs around the cage. Oops. Kinman’s record no longer unblemished.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. TJ noticeably bigger than IR. Circling. TJ lunges in and gets a quick take down. In full guard. IR holding on for dear life. IR rolls, and TJ looks to take his back. IR rolls back, and TJ back into half guard. Huge punches from TJ. IR covering up. Tries to roll out. Massive left from TJ to the head if IR. IR’s head smashed against the mat. Huge punches from the top from TJ. IR surviving somehow. More big shots from TJ. IR keeps full guard and holds TJ down. TJ postures up and looks to throw. TJ passes the guard to side control. More punches. IR rolls and grabs a leg, abut TJ sprawls. Back into half guard. TJ pushes IR down and throws some more punches. TJ isolates an arm, but IR slides back and gets his arm free. TJ controlling the right arm of IR. IR able to get TJ back in full guard, but TJ quickly jumps back to half. Big right hand to head and body from TJ. IR hanging tough, somehow. Back to full guard. IR controlling the arms of TJ. IR throws some elbows from the bottom. TJ postures and throws more massive punches. IR sweeps and is able to get the fight back standing. TJ pressing IR against the cage. TJ has massive cut over his right eye. IR got him with one of those elbows. IR judo throws TJ, and TJ sprawls. IR gets another judo throw and is on top of TJ. IR moves to north-south. Big dropping elbows from IR to the left side of TJ. 9 or 10 of them. Inside elbows to the abdomen of TJ as the round ends. Hell of a first round. 10-9 TJ, but a huge comeback for IR over the last 90 seconds.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. TJ shoots in and throws a knee. IR defends. IR has TJ against the cage, throwing inside knees. Foot stomps from IR. TJ looks to trip, but IR is ready for it. TJ still with his back against the cage. Good elbow from IR. TJ falls, and IR grabs his neck. Big knee from IR. TJ turns and IR grabs a guillotine and falls to the mat. TJ in full guard. TJ posturing. IR’s head into the cage. IR throws some punches from the bottom. Elbows from IR from the bottom. TJ’s corner begging him to throw something. IR looking for the guillotine, but TJ presses out of it. TJ to half guard. IR controlling the body of TJ. Head punches from the bottom from IR. Landing effectively. TJ postures and throws some big shots, but he stands and lunges, and IR is able to scramble and force TJ to the mat. IR on top in side control. Elbows from IR. Looks to lock up kimura. He’s got it. TJ taps 2:44 into the round. What a fu**ing performance from IR. Easily submission of the night.

11:15 – One fight to go. If it tops what we just saw, we’re all in for a treat. You poor bastards who weren’t here. This is one of the best cards, top to bottom, I’ve ever seen. Easily worth the price of admission.

11:16 – Main event. Chris Mierzwak (CM) and Marcus Finch (MF). CM enters to mixed applause. It could be the pink trunks. Nah. Pink is cool.

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Leg kick from CM misses. Circling. Let’s engage, boys. Swing and a miss. They clinch. CM pushes MF into the cage. CM looks for the trip, but MF has the underhooks. Knees from MF, and MF turns him into the cage. Inside knees from MF. CM throws some punches. CM gets free and spins M into the cage. CM drops for the single and lands it. CM in Mf’s full guard. Punches to the ribs from CM. A couple to the head. MF struggling on his back, though he’s keeping full guard. More punches to the ribs, but MF controls the posture of CM. CM postures up, but MF keeps him under control. A few shots being thrown, but not much damage from here. MF looks content to just hang on. MF inching his hips up, maybe thinking triangle? More rib shots from CM. MF’s head pressed into the cage. MF holding onto CM well. A short elbow from CM. Mf tries to turn out, but CM keeps him on his back. Some more short elbows from CM. More rib shots. CM presses his forearm against MF’s head. MF is cut over his left eye, bleeding pretty good. More short elbows from CM. Big elbow from CM. MF trying to hang on. Another elbow from CM. 10-9 CM. Doc is checking out the cut… looks like MF is good to go.

11:26 – Check that… Looks like MF failed to answer the bell. Nasty cut. Tough ending. CM was dominating though.

For more information on upcoming Absolute events, visit or Absolute Action’s Facebook page. Absolute will return to the Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell, KY on Friday December 10 for Absolute Action MMA 8: A Night to Give Back. The event will benefit The Uprising Movement, a local organization dedicated to helping families that are less fortunate. The first 25 people to present a new toy at the event will be given free admission. After that, anyone who brings a new toy to donate will receive a general admission ticket for the price of $15.00.

In other big news, Absolute also recently announced the opportunity to train with some heavy hitters. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos and his wife, current Strikeforce women’s 145 pound champion and 2010 World MMA Awards Female Fighter of the Year, Cris “Cyborg” Santos will be teaching a seminar on January 15, 2011. Pre-registration is encouraged as space is limited. For more details, visit the Facebook event page.

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