If you missed Strikeforce Challengers 11 last week on Showtime then you missed one of the best fights of the year. Billy Evangelista and Waachiim Spiritwolf went at it in a 165-pound catchweight bout that ended up going the distance. But it wasn’t one of those fights that went the distance because they weren’t trying to finish it, because both fighters were literally trying to take each other’s head off. It’s one of those rare fights where both guys leave it all in the cage and remind us why we love this great sport.

One thought on “Fight of the Year candidate: Billy Evangelista vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf *VIDEO*”
  1. I think if this fight was anywhere other than Evangelista’s hometown where he’s undefeated and if he wasn’t on the Strikeforce promo poster, then the winner would have been Spiritwolf. How many take downs did he have? Great fight. A shame that Spiritwolf lost. I thought politics were left for boxing…

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