Kimbo Slice costume - Photo from a fan on the Happy UFC Halloween Facebook page

Over the years mixed martial arts has seen it’s share of memorable characters. MMA contains some of the most colorful personalities in the entire sports world.

Some fighters seem funny and playful like Tom Lawlor in his Dan Severn or “Just Bleed” costume. Other guys are types you definitely don’t want to meet in a dark alley such as Johnathan Ivey, who walked to the cage at XFC 8 in a mask, jumpsuit and brandishing a real machete covered in blood.

Then others are just bizarre, like some of the strange anime costumes in Japan.

Before fights, some fighters dress in these costumes to help hype the fight or to put themselves into a particular state of mind. They can also add shock value or even help psyche out your opponent.

However, when it’s time to step into the cage, the masks come off and that is when things get real. It doesn’t get any more real than having your head split open and spilling your blood or someone else’s all over the cage.

Halloween comes once a year, but in MMA, things often get a little scary and that’s probably one reason people are attracted to it. The following photo gallery is a collection of those moments in MMA history that we feel most represent Halloween, either by being humorous, bizarre or just downright frightening.

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Check out more Halloween photos at the Happy UFC Halloween Facebook page.

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