Tonight, beginning at 2 a.m. EST, HDNet will broadcast Sengoku Raiden Championship 14. The card will feature a middleweight title fight, Akihiro Gono’s lightweight debut and bouts from two SRC tournaments. Join to follow along with the results.

SRC 14 quick results:


  • Jorge Santiago def. Kazuo Misaki TKO (towel) 4:31 Round 5
  • Jadamba Narantungalag def. Akihiro Gono Decision (unanimous) (30-28,30-28,30-29)
  • Hatsu Hioki def. Jeff Lawson Submission (triangle choke) 2:09 Round 1
  • Leonardo Santos def. Sotaro Yamada DQ (groin shots) 3:56 Round 1


  • Taisuke Okuno def. Nick Thompson KO (punch) Round 3
  • Yasubey Enomoto def. Kenta Takagi Submission (bulldog choke) 0:53 Round 2
  • Takuya Sato def. Motoki Miyazawa Decision (unanimous) (29-28, 30-28, 30-28)


  • Shintaro Ishiwatari def. Kil Woo Lee Submission (guillotine choke) 2:20 Round 1
  • Shoko Sato def. Takuya Eizumi TKO (cut) Round 2
  • Wataru Takahashi def. Tatsuya So Submission (rear-naked choke) 1:38 Round 2
  • Jae Hyun So def. Hirokazu Nishimura Decision (unanimous)

NOTE: Motoki Miyazawa vs. Takuya Sato is the Welterweight tournament reserve bout.

SRC 14 play-by-play:

Hirokazu Nishimura vs. Jae Hyun So

Round 1 – So bulls his way into a clinch. He gets an underhook, but Nishimura finishes the takedown into guard. So scrambles out the backdoor and gets to his feet. His finishes a double-leg takedown of his own and takes the back. He is high, and as he falls off the top, he goes for an armbar, but it is not close. He locks in a triangle choke that looks tight. Nishimura tries to snake his free hand inside the hold. So rolls his hips over and gets on top still holding the triangle. Nishimura rolls him back over, but he can’t escape the hold. After several moments, he eventually frees himself. So tires an armbar, but Nishimura passes it and gets on top. So escapes out the back door and tries another armbar that is not close. Once again he locks on an armbar, as Nishimura punches his opponent and escapes.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Jae Hyun So

Round 2 -Nishimura starts things off with an inside leg kick. So lunges in with a jab that does not land. Nishimura lands a kick to the groin and a follow-up right hook. The referee stops the bout to allow the fighter to recover. So looks to be in a lot of pain. After not moving for an extended period, So gets to his feet, and he looks like he is going to continue. Nishimura receives a yellow card from the referee. Nishimura throws a front kick. So starts throwing wild and lands on clean strike. Nishimura gets the clinch and scores a trip takedown. So comes out the back door again. Nishimura tries a Kimura, but simply eats punches. He gets back to his feet and stands over his opponent. He tries to take the back, but So is able to scramble and end up in Nishimura’s guard. Nishimura tries to stand, but gives up his back. So gets both the hooks and looks for the choke. So switches to the body triangle. With one minute left in the round, So is stuck to Nishimura’s back. The round ends in that position.
ProMMANOW score 10-9 Jae Hyun So

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jae Hyun So defeats Hirokazu Nishimura Decision (unanimous)

Wataru Takahashi vs. Tatsuya So

Round 1 – Outside leg kick lands for So. Takahashi rushes in for a takedown, and although both fighters fall there is no control. Takahashi lands several nice clinch knees to So’s head. So lands a nice hook and both fighters throw. Takahashi shoots a single leg, but So gets double underhooks and defends well. So hands onto the front headlock position. The fighters separate and So is bleeding for the nose. After eating a combination, Takahashi rushes in for a clinch. So reverse the position and pushes Takahashi into the ropes. The referee breaks the fighters and returns So’s mouthpiece and wipes the blood away from his nose. So lands a nice leg kick after the fight starts again. Takahashi eats a short right that drops him. So is getting the better of the striking. Beautiful level change and double leg takedown from Takahashi. He tries to move to side control, and So scrambles back to his feet. So lands a leg kick and a right straight. He stuffs another takedown. An uppercut for So sneaks in. Takahashi goes for a headkick, but it is blocked. He then finishes a double into side control. He quickly moves to the mount, but So gets up to his feet. He throws a flying knee and both fighters land hooks at the bell.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Tatsuya So

Round 2 – Takahashi shoots from the outside. The takedown is stuffed and he eats a knee and two punches to the face. He shoots again and finishes it into side control. Before he can do anything, So gets back to his feet. A nice left lands for So. Takahashi gets the clinch and after a struggle takes So down into side control. So gives up his back, but Takahashi does not lock in the hooks. So gets back to his feet and escapes. He stuffs another takedown and lands a knee on the break. Takahashi lands a nice right, but he can’t finish the following takedown. He then drags So down with a high crotch and So scrambles back to his feet again. So lands a jab, then a cross and then an upper cut. Takahashi’s takedown is stuffed and So takes side control. After a scramble they get back to their feet. Takahashi finishes another takedown and takes the back. This time he gets the hooks in. So is exhausted. The choke comes in under So’s chin and the submission comes quickly.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wataru Takahashi defeats Tatsuya So Submission (rear-naked choke) Round 2

Takuya Eizumi vs. Shoko Sato

Round 1 – Sato is the bigger fighter by far. He lands an inside leg kick to start the fight. He tries a pair of front kicks to the head, but they do not land. He doubles up the inside leg kick and lands them both. A wayward kick lands to Eizumi’s groin. The fight restarts. Eizumi lands an outside leg kick. He throws another and eats a straight. Front kick lands for Sato. A digging leg kick lands for Sato. His length is giving him the striking advantage. He gets the Mauy Thai clinch and lands a knee to the side. On the break he lands a nice punch. Late in the round, Eizumi starts to get a little bit more agressive, but he can’t land clean. Another clinch knee lands for Sato. Body kick, then clinch knee and then Thai elbow all land for Sato. Eizumi gets a takedown, but Sato scrambles right back to his feet. He tries another takedown and eats several shots. Eizumi shoots in for a double. He gets caught in a guillotine, but the round ends.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Shoko Sato

Round 2 – Sato looks to work leg kicks and the jab to start the second round. He lands a nice kick to the body and follows it up with a one-two that pushes Eizumi’s head back. Another inside leg kick lands for Sato. Eizumi eats a hard knee to the nose. The smaller fighter gets a takedown in guard. However, he is bleeding heavily from the nose and referee stops the fight to check it. The referee calls for the ball and fight is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shoko Sato defeats Takuya Eizumi TKO (cut) Round 2

Shintaro Ishiwatari vs. Kil Woo Lee

Round 1 – Lee comes forward with some wild swinging. Ishiwatari gets the clinch, but breaks away after a moment. He get the Thai clinch and lands a few knees. The fighters clinch again and Lee lands a shot to the groin. After a moment, Lee tries to jab the body. Ishiwatari hits a nice level change and finishes the double leg into half guard. Lee stands, but gets caught in a front head lock. He eats a few knees and Ishiwatari shoots again. Lee tries a guillotine, but Ishiwatari escapes. Then he locks in a standing guillotine. It looks tight and Lee taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shintaro Ishiwatari defeats Kil Woo Lee Submission (guillotine choke) Round 1

Motoki Miyazawa vs. Takuya Sato

Round 1 – Miyazawa pushes Sato into the ropes and lands a knee. Sato drops down for a single-leg takedown and finishes it into guard. He moves to half guard and tries a head and arm choke. Sato scrambles back to his feet, but Miyazawa takes his back. He can only lock in one hook. He goes for the chin-crush choke, but it is not effective. He switches to the body triangle and lands light punches to the head. The round ends with Miyazawa stuck to Sato’s back.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Motoki Miyazawa

Round 2 – Sato lands a hard jab to start round two. He comes with a one-two that lands as well. He lands a hook to the body and clinches Miyazawa against the ropes. Sato stomps the feet and knees the thighs. The referee breaks the fighters. A lazy jab from Miyazawa is countered with a nice one-two from Sato. A hard hook from Sato drop Miyazawa. Sato jumps into half guard. Miyazawa tries to use a half guard sweep, but Sato is able to defend and pass into side control. Miyazawa gets his full guard back and lands an up kick. Sato tries to come in again and eats another up kick. The referee brings them to their feet. Sato is clearly the better striker. Miyazawa throws out a front kick with not much on it. He jumps in with a jab and eats a counter right.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Takuya Sato

Round 3 – Miyazawa picks up a single to start the final round. Sato defends well and lands a knee to the body. He presses Miyazawa into the ropes and lands a few foot stomps. The referee breaks the fighters. Lead left does not land from Sato. The upper cut misses, but the following right hook lands clean. Led lefts and jabs are starting to land often on Miyazawa’s face. A hard right from Sato backs up Miyazawa. A hard counter upper comes next. Sato is landing at will. Whenever Miyazawa throws, he eats leather in the form of counter shots.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Takuya Sato

OFFICIAL RESULT: Takuya Sato defeats Motoki Miyazawa Decision (unanimous)

Kenta Takagi vs. Yasubey Enomoto

Round 1 – Enomoto lands three kicks to the body to start the fight. He steps in and lands a clinch knee. Takagi pushes him into the corner. Enomoto lands another knee to the body in the clinch. Takagi gets a body lock twice, but he is not able to get the takedown. The referee breaks the fighters. A hard jab lands for Enomoto. Takagi tries a kick and eats a hook to the face. Enomoto then follows a misses jab with a kick to the body. Takagi lands his best punch of the fight when Enomoto tried to kick. A loud snapping body kick lands for Enomoto. The Japanese fighters is getting outclassed on the feet. A hard jabs lands right before the 30 second mark that drops Takagi. From the top, Enomoto lands some hammer fists. He stands over and tries to stomp the head.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Yasubey Enomoto

Round 2 – Enomoto lands a jab down the middle to start the round. Takagi tries to answer with a kick to the body, but it is not close. Enomoto throws a punch that misses. Oddly, his arm wraps around Takagi’s neck. Enomoto makes it a bulldog choke and finishes the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yasubey Enomoto defeats Kenta Takagi Submission (bulldog choke) 0:53 Round 2

Taisuke Okuno vs. Nick Thompson

Round 1 – Thompson looks like he is trying to shuffle like Ali. He lands a few jabs that keep Okuno at a distance. After eating a leg kick, Thompson closes the distance himself and presses Okuno into the corner. He works hard for the takedown, but Okuno defends well. He switches to dirty boxing and the referee breaks the fighters. Several jabs from Thompson cause Okuno’s nose to run blood. Okuno rushes in and lands some hard shots that wobble Thompson. He shoots in and his takedown is stuffed. Okuno gets on top and lands some hammer fists, but Thompson get his guard. He throws his legs up for a triangle, but it is not close. Okuno gets free and lands more hard strikes and Thompson goes out under the bottom rope. The referee breaks the action. Officials wipe blood from both fighters. The fight is restarted with Thompson on his back and Okuno on his feet. Okuno lands hard leg kicks from the feet. The referee brings Thompson back to his feet. Thompson lands a hard combination, but Okuno gives him a mocking grin. The American shoots a takedown that is stuffed. Back on their feet, Thompson scores a takedown and takes the back. He transitions into an arm-triangl choke. It looks tight. Okuno is saved by the bell.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Nick Thompson

Round 2 – Thompson tries to come in and Okuno clips him. The fighters clinch against the ropes. Thompson works hard for the takedown and gets behind Okuno. He throws one hook in standing. He drags Okuno down and laces in the second grapevine. Thompson is looking for the rear-naked choke. Okuno rolls over and ends up on top in Thompson’s guard. Okuno lands a hard right as Thompson tries to stand. Thompson gets a body lock and finishes an outside trip takedown. Okuno kicks Thompson away. As he stands, Thompson locks in a tight guillotine choke. Okuno works the grip and escapes. Okuno lands a few knees to the head and Thompson escapes to his feet.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Taisuke Okuno

Round 3 – Okuno comes out looking to throw. He throws wild hooks. He catches Thompson once and then drops him. The American holds onto a single-leg and Okuno rains down hammer fists. Thompson gets back to his feet and is knocked out cold by a hard left hook. He lands face first on the mat.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Taisuke Okuno defeats Nick Thompson KO (punch) Round 3

Sotaro Yamada vs. Leonardo Santos

Round 1 – Yamada starts things off with a body kick. He catches a kick from Santos, but works for the body clinch. Santos pushes Yamada into the corner. The Brazilian lands a knee below the waistline. Yamada throws another body kick when the fight is restarted. His next kick catches Santos in the groin and the action is stopped again. The fight is back. Yamada catches a kick from Santos and presses him into the ropes. A knee from Yamada lands in the groin area and the fight is stopped yet again. The referee issues Yamada a red card and the fight restarts. Yamada starts to work kicks to the body. Santos comes back with a head kick, Yamada clinches. Santos is caught in the corner. Yamada throws a knee to the head that does not land. Once again, Yamada lands a knee to the cup area. The Japanese fighter receives another red card from the referee. Santos wobbles Yamada with a right hand and follows it up with a knee to the head. The referee brings Yamada back to his feet. The fighters clinch in the corner again, and Yamada lands yet another groin shot. The third red card disqualifies him.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leonardo Santos defeats Sotaro Yamada DQ (multiple knees to the groin) Round 1

Hatsu Hioki vs. Jeff Lawson

Round 1 – Lawson jumps in with a side kick. He comes forward with a combination that hits nothing but air. He throws more wild strikes that do not come close to landing. Hioki starts to throw his own kicks. He lands a few body shots. Lawson comes forward and misses. Hioki catches him. The Shooto champion takes him down to side control. In less than a moment, Hioki is on the back. Then he is in the mount. He has Lawson’s arm isolated. He uses it to lock in a triangle choke. He pulls down on the head and Lawson taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Hatsu Hioki defeats Jeff Lawson Submission (triangle choke) Round 1

Akihiro Gono vs. Jadamba Narantungalag

Round 1 – Jadamba tries to land a hook and Gono ducks away. Gono comes back with a leg kick and then eats one himself. He throws a right hook, and then goes back to working the leg kicks. Jadamba throws a jab to the body. Gono gets the clinch and pushed his opponent into the corner. The fighters break and Jadamba lands a spinning back kick to the body. Gono comes back with a body kick. Jadamba changes levels and scores a takedown, but Gono gets right back up to his feet. Jadamba just misses with a head kick. Gono lands a nice jab. Jadamba is stalking Gono around the ring. J lands a knee to the body from the clinch. A head kick lands with the foot for J. Gono jumps in with a jab. Jadamba lands a left and a right against the ropes. Gono lands a nice hook on the break.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Narantungalag

Round 2 – Jadamba catches a kick and takes Gono down into guard. He lands a hard body shot from the top. He stands over and lands a leg kick. Jadamba catches a kick and Gono falls. While he is down, Jadamba catches him in the groin. As the action starts again, Gono starts trying to work the kicks. Jadamba catches one and lands some punches. He tries a jumping knee that does not land. J goes for a spinning back kick and it misses. Gono uses it to get a body lock. He gets the takedown for a moment, but then Jadamba scrambles back to his feet. Jadamba lands a pair of nice left hooks. Jadamba get a takedown into side control. Gono works his way into half guard. The Mongolian lands several hard shots from the top. Gono can’t control his opponents posture.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Narantungalag

Round 3 – Jadamba starts things off with a hard right and a knee to the body. Gono clinches and on the break Jadamba lands a sweeping right hook. Back in the clinch, Jadamba lands a knee to the side. Gono gets a body lock and presses Jadamba into the corner. The k-1 fighter reverses the position and lands a knee. Gono lands a hard kick, but falls to his back. Jadamba stands over him and passes into side control. Gono gets half guard and eats punches to the face. The referee restarts it on the feet. He catches a kick and lands a hard right. Jadamba throws from the over hooks and get a takedown into mount. Gono gets half guard and then Jadmba stands. Gono tries to stand and gets caught in a guillotine choke, but he escapes. With 20 seconds left, Jadamba starts to ground and pound.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jadamba Narantungalag defeats Akihiro Gono Decision (unanimous)

Jorge Santiago vs. Kazuo Misaki

Round 1 – Santiago tries a kick and it lands to the shoulder. They clinch and Misaki pushes his opponent into the ropes. He lands punches to the body. Misaki goes for an arm throw, but does not land. High kick from Santiago, but Misaki blocks it and gets a takedown. Santiago is able to keep Misaki in half guard. The champion moves back to full guard and then works his way back to the feet. Misaki gets another takedown in an exchange and moves to side control. The Japanese fighter stands over his opponent. He throws a few kicks at the legs and then lands two punches from the top. The round ends with Misaki in Santiago’s full guard.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Kazuo Misaki

Round 2 – Both fighters feint with jabs. Misaki lands an inside leg kick. Big right from Santiago misses. Misaki misses downstairs with a hook and then comes upstairs with a hook that lands. Santiago throws a flying knee that grazes. He tries a head kick that is blocked. A good one-two lands for Misaki. Jumping knee for Misaki lands. Then Misaki cmaes back with a right and left hook to the body. Superman punches misses from Santiago. Misaki goes for an outside trip, but Santiago defends. Misaki then jumps guillotine that looks tight, but Santiago escapes. Then, the challenger ends up in mount with 45 second left in the round. Santiago tries to go out the back door. Since Misaki went out of the ring, the referee restarts the fighters with ten seconds left in the round.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Kazuo Misaki

Round 3 – Santiago closes the distance and tries to land a knee. Misaki blocks it and presses his opponent into the ropes. Santiago drops his head and Misaki lands a knee. Santiago lands a hard head kick that plants Misaki. The champion swarms him, but Misaki recovers. After the challenger gets back to his feet, Santiago shoots a double and puts him right back on his back. Misaki ties up Santiago hoping to get a restart. Misaki is playing good defense on the bottom. Santiago’s offense from the top is occasional shots the body.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Santiago

Round 4 – Hard inside leg kick starts things off for Misaki. After dodging a few punches from Santiago, Misaki lands another kick. The challenger comes forward with a punch and then gets a body lock. He presses Santiago into the corner. After a pause, he goes for a throw and it is not close. Santiago comes in with a jumping knee that misses. After Santiago lands, Misaki lands a hard combination that crushes Santiago. The champion is in serious trouble, but he is holding on. Misaki passes into mount. Santiago gives up his back, but Misaki is looking for the head and arm choke. Santiago lands a knee from his back. Misaki goes for a guillotine, but looses his gripe. The he works knees and punches to the head. Santiago goes through the ropes and the referee calls time. The referee gives Santiago a red card. The champion lands a knee and throw wild with 20 seconds left. Santiago tags Misaki with ten seconds left and he is saved by the bell.
ProMMANow 10-8 Misaki (red card deduction)

Round 5 – Santiago lands a series of punches on Misaki and a hard knee. The challenger is in a lot of trouble. The champion moves to the mount early in the round. Santiago is setting up an armbar. Santiago postures up and Misaki rolls over. He gives up his back. Santiago seems to have a head and arm choke locked in. Misaki escapes but he is still mounted. He reverses the position into Santiago guard! The crowd chants and claps in unison. Santiago uses a Kimura to reverse and take the rear naked choke. Misaki gets wrist control and defends. The referee moves the fighters to the center. Santiago is landing at will from the mount. Misaki gives up his back again. One minute left. Misaki gives up the mount again with 34 seconds left. Misaki’s corner throws in the towel with about 30 second left.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jorge Santiago defeats Kazuo Misaki TKO 4:31 Round 5

Fight of the Year.

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