Remember when congenital amputee Kyle Maynard had his mixed martial arts fight and the uproar and backlash that resulted? There is now a film which documents Kyle’s progression from a decorated high school wrestler to eventually realizing his dream of competing in that fight.

No matter what your thoughts may have been on the fight at the time or if this is your first time hearing about it, this film will surely touch you.

If you were one of the people on the forums who made fun of or spoke ill about Kyle wanting to compete in MMA, you may regret it. This film is an amazing look at what can be accomplished despite the odds. If you have made excuses of why you have not achieved, or at least gone after your goals, make no mistake, you will be shamed.

At it’s very core, this is a beautiful story, a beautiful movie. It will make you examine yourself and how you view “handicap” or “disabled” people. It will make you re-examine what those words even mean. Who is really handicap? If you think it’s Kyle, well there’s a chance you may actually be handicap compared to him.

For two weeks only, you will be allowed to watch this full length film in it’s entirety for free thanks to SnagFilms. Before you turn on Law and Order (a good show) or the nightly news or American Idol the next time, watch this movie. Trust me. Watch this movie!

This inspirational film is about Kyle Maynard, a born quadruple amputee, and his incredible accomplishments as a nationally-ranked wrestler, strength record-holder, ESPY award-winner, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and MMA fighter.

“A Fighting Chance” is a vivid, character-driven story unlike any before it. Not only has Maynard learned to live life independently and without prosthetics, in the film he trains to fight in an official Mixed Martial Arts match – a highly controversial and dangerous goal – his story brings us to ask the question: what is a disability? The film ends with the climactic fight that will change Kyle’s life forever.

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