“A Fighting Chance” – a truly inspirational film about Kyle Maynard’s journey into MMA

This film is about Kyle Maynard, a born quadruple amputee, and his incredible accomplishments as a nationally-ranked wrestler and his journey to becoming an MMA fighter.

The case for Kyle Maynard

The debate raged on through the summer of 2007. Should Kyle Maynard, the congenital amputee who became famous as a high school wrestler, be allowed to compete in MMA? On August 15th, 2007, the debate was essentially over as the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission voted unanimously 4-0, to deny the then 21 year-old, a license to compete in amateur MMA.

His story has been well-documented by Larry King, HBO, and even Oprah. It is truly an inspirational story. A child born without knees or elbows always wanted athletics to be a part of his life. Through hard work and dedication he made it happen.

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