Ed Soares (left) with his fighter, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva

Percy Crawford over at FightHype spoke to Anderson Silva‘s manager, Ed Soares, following UFC 117. And while many people suggested that an immediate rematch is in order, Soares disagrees. He said,

“I mean, I don’t necessarily think an immediate rematch is legitimate. It’s not like he won by decision. You got submitted man. You were on top of him for 23 minutes of the fight and couldn’t finish him. Anderson got a few bumps and bruises, but let’s be realistic, you’re on a guy 23 minutes and you couldn’t finish him? Why should he get a rematch?

Soares does make an interesting point, but does it really matter if the fight ended in a decision or not? The fact is, it was a damn close fight and another 1:50 and it would be Chael Sonnen answering the question if he would give Silva a rematch.

Soares also sheds some more light on Silva’s pre-fight rib injury. He talked about how close he was to pulling out of the fight,

“It was really close because the doctors didn’t want him to fight. He hurt it but he didn’t think he hurt it that bad, and then Sunday morning I had about 13 missed calls in a matter of 25 minutes. They were all from Anderson and he was calling to tell me he was in pain. He couldn’t breathe. I took him to the hospital and they X-Rayed each rib and they noticed it was a bit swollen but no fracture. – They said it was in the muscle as well as the bruise. – He didn’t train again until we got to Oakland. He gave his ribs about a 5-day rest.”

The champ definitely deserves props for not pulling out of the fight. Can you imagine if fans had been deprived of what we witnessed in Saturday night’s main event? It would have been a travesty.

Having said that, people are inevitably going to question whether or not Silva had a legitimate injury, and if he did, how much did it affect his performance? Is Silva’s wrestling just that lacking or is Sonnen’s wrestling just that good? How would the fight look if Silva was a 100% healthy?

No offense, but all these questions make a pretty good case on why there should be a rematch Mr. Soares.

6 thoughts on “Ed Soares doesn’t think Chael Sonnen deserves a rematch, explains Silva’s rib injury”
  1. who cares what ed soares has to say. when is he going to shut his mouth. anderson silva was very humble about his victory and only passively mentioned his injury and now we have to be subjected to this manager idiots’ asinign view and take on the subject. HEY ED< SHUT YOU"RE MOUTH!!!!!

  2. Of course he’s going to spin this. The fact is they will probably never allow a rematch to take place. Anderson can not beat Chael the next time around. He already pulled off a “hail mary”, after getting murdered for 90% of the fight. This time, Chael will play it safe for the last few minutes, if it even gets to that point. I think Chael would win within 2 rounds of a rematch.

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