Dana White responds to James Toney’s threats to give him a beating *VIDEO*

Does James Toney really want to beat up UFC President Dana White?

UFC President Dana White talks about tonight’s UFC 117 card. He answers the questions about Chael Sonnen‘s trash talk, the possibility of firing Anderson Silva, and if he’s surprised at Roy Nelson‘s success.

Then, the Sportsnet.ca Connected host plays Dana an audio clip of an interview they did with James Toney in which Toney threatened to give Dana White a beating after he fights Randy Couture and possibly even at the weigh-ins.

White chuckles, then says, “That’s my boy.” He goes on to say that Toney needs to be worried about Randy Couture, not him. Then White gives his blatant prediction of what he expects to happen. He said he expects Couture to double leg Toney, put him against the fence and pound his head in.

This may be one of the few UFC fights in history where White really really wants one of the competitors to defeat the other.

Here’s a few questions regarding the Toney vs. Couture fight:

  • Will Dana give Couture a huge bonus if he completely obliterates Toney?
  • What happens if Toney KO’s Couture?
  • Will Toney be let go immediately if he loses?
  • How will Couture perform with White placing so much pressure on him to beat this guy up?
  • What will White do if Toney takes a swing at him? Will he still be “his boy?”
  • How good is Couture’s “double leg”?
  • Will months of training with world class wrestlers enable Toney to stuff Couture’s takedown?

Toney takes on Couture as the co-main event on Aug. 28 at “UFC 121: Edgar vs. Penn 2” in Boston.