Remember when the UFC banned their fighters from wearing Affliction clothing? Remember when they banned Clinch Gear? And then there was the RVCA ban.

Well, now the UFC has banned a musical instrument.

Yes, you read that right, a musical instrument.

According to a press release sent out by the Ultimate Fighting Championship earlier today, Vuvuzelas have been banned from “UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin” which takes place this Saturday night, July 3, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

If your first reaction was, “What the hell is a Vuvuzela?” Do not feel bad. You are likely not in the minority.

Vuvuzelas are a type of horn which has become a symbol of South African soccer. Apparently, Vuvuzelas gained a new level of infamy during this year’s World Cup due to the distinctive monotone sound they make which many find annoying.

The UFC press release referred to them as “pesky noise makers” and others have described them as “instruments from Hell.” UFC President Dana White commented on his reason for the ban,

“This decision was pretty simple for me. Vuvuzelas make the most horrific sound I’ve ever heard. I’d rather let Brock punch me in the face than hear 15,000 people blow on those things. This is the biggest heavyweight fight we’ve ever done. We’ll make enough noise this weekend when Brock and Shane finally step inside the Octagon.”

Vavuzelas have never been a problem during UFC events, or any other mixed martial arts events for that matter. Unless there was a massive underground movement to overtake UFC 116 with Vavuzelas that we are not aware of, why the UFC found it necessary to ban the instrument is not known.

Maybe they are just being preemptive, which is good.

They should probably ban dinner bells while they are at it, otherwise fans may think it is time to eat and stampede the concession stands during the fights.

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