EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada – World Extreme Cagefighting returns Sunday night, June 20, with “WEC 49: Varner vs. Shalorus“, which will be the organization’s first ever event in Canada. WEC 49 takes place at Rexall Place in Edmonton, and is headlined by former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner vs. Kamal Shalorus in the main event.

ProMMAnow.com will provide live results and play-by-play commentary during the event. WEC 49 will air live tonight on Versus beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT.

Be sure to check out ProMMAnow.com’s recent interviews with Danny “Boy” Downes and Anthony Leone who are competing on tonight’s card. Downes is a late replacement for Ed Ratcliff, who had to pull out of his fight against Chris Horodecki due to injury.

WEC 49 quick results:

  • Jamie Varner draws Kamal Shalorus (27-29, 29-27, 28-28)
  • Mark Homonick def. Yves Jabouin by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (3:21)
  • Josh Grispi def. L.C. Davis by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (2:33)
  • Chris Horodecki def. Danny Downes by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 3 (1:09)
  • Eddie Wineland def. Will Campuzano by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (4:44)
  • Will Kerr def. Karen Darabedyan by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (1:20)
  • Wagnney Fabiano def. Frank Gomez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Eric Koch def. Bendy Casimir by submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (3:01)
  • Diego Nunes def. Rafael Assuncao by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Chris Cariaso def. Rafael Rebello by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Renan Barao def. Anthony Leone by submission (armbar) Rd 3 (2:29)

WEC 49 play-by-play:

Will Campuzano vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1 – Leg kick from Wineland. Leg kick from Campuzano. Another big one from Campuzano. Another one. He’s turning his hips over nicely on those. Inside leg kick from Wineland. Another leg kick from Campuzano. Another leg kick from Campuzano, but gets caught and eats a punch from Wineland. Nice left from Campuzano, then gets a leg kick checked. Wineland slipping nicely. Huge leg kick from Campuzano. Wineland lands a straight right countering Campuzano’s leg kick. Wineland using nice angles and feints, great footwork. Nice right from Campuzano. Head kick from Campuzano skims Wineland’s face. Wineland catches another kick and lands a couple punches, knocking Campuzano off balance. I give the round to Wineland by a hair 10-9.

Round 2 – Wineland slipping punches, back in his rhythm. Straight left from Campuzano. Nice right from Wineland. Leg kick scores for Campuzano. Left jab from Campuzano scores, then a leg kick. Chants of “Eddie” spur on a leg kick from Wineland. Big leg kick from Campuzano buckles Wineland’s leg. Wineland catches the body kick. Big leg kick from Campuzano. Wineland lands a left hook. Right hand scores from Campuzano. Superman punch from Wineland rocks Campuzano, he retreats and falls to the mat as Wineland attacks with a flurry. He can’t finish him and Campuzano stands up and throws a flying knee. Campuzano is trying to stay in the fight. Wineland pours it on, has him against the fence, Wineland lands a huge liver shot and Campuzano falls down holding his side. Wineland finishes him off with a couple of big punches to the face. It’s over, the ref steps in. In the last 40 seconds, it’s safe to say Wineland threw about a hundred punches. Flurries from hell!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eddie Wineland def. Will Campuzano by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (4:44)

Danny Downes vs. Chris Horodecki

Round 1 – Danny has the height and reach advantage. Leg kick Horodecki. Horodecki clinches. Horodecki gets the takedown, is in half guard. Horodecki locks on a guillotine. Downes is safe from the guillotine and stands up. Horodecki still holding on. They exchange knees. Horodecki gets him back to the ground, in half guard. Horodecki pushes off the fence, rolls over but Horordecki reclaims the top position in half guard. Horodecki transitions to full mount, Downes gives up his back. Horodecki has a neck crank, his arm is not under the chin at this point. Downes escapes and is putting the pressure on Horodecki as they stand. Horodecki clinches, pushes him against the cage. Horodecki gets round 1, 10-9.

Round 2 – Horodecki lands a right on the chin, lands another right, and a spinning back kick. Downes lands some uppercuts from the clinch. Nice one, two from Horodecki, then a spinning back kick. Downes lands a couple of punches. Horodecki is picking him apart. Downes using his head ducking into the punches. Uppercut from Horodecki. Horodecki clinches up and lands knees to the thighs, pressing Downes into the cage. Horodecki gets the takedown, Downes gets up. Downes in strictly defense mode, eating shots. Big combination to the body and face rock Downes. Downes has slowed down considerably, can’t land anything at this point. He stays in there though as it goes to the third. 10-9 for Horodecki.

Round 3 – Downes comes back in this round aggressive to start out. They exchange a bunch of punches then Horodecki puts him down. Horodecki takes his back, sinks in the rear-naked choke and Downes taps out. He got the arm under the chin on this one. The fans go nuts as their countryman wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Horodecki def. Danny Downes by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 3 (1:09)

L.C. Davis vs. Josh Grispi

Round 1 – Leg kick from Grispi, countered with a punch combo from Davis. Leg kick Grispi, and another one. Grispi throwing a lot of high kicks. Leg kick Grispi. High kick then a straight front kick from Grispi. Davis rushes forward gets a big slam. Grispi locks on a guillotine as the fight goes to the ground. Davis doesn’t tap… ZZZzzzzzzz… Davis is asleep.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Josh Grispi def. L.C. Davis by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (2:33)

Mark Homonick vs. Yves Jabouin

Round 1 – Both fighters are from Canada. Jabouin lands the first shot with a leg kick. Right hand by Homonick then a body shot. Very fast pace so far. Homonick catches a kick, lets it go. Leg kick by Jabouin, and another one. Homonick lands a left hand. Leg kick for Jabouin. Jabouin staying very active. Homonick lands a right, Jabouin returns with a leg kick. Leg kick by Jabouin. Right hand by Homonick, pressing forward. Nice right by Homonick. Beautiful spinning backfist by Jabouin. Jabouin is throwing an ungodly number of strikes. Nice left hand by Homonick. Right, then left by Homonick. Right hand by Jabouin. So many strikes were thrown, I was able to type about 5% of the total strikes thrown in this round. Jabouin gets the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Left hand scores for Jabouin. Jabouin gets off balance after getting hit by a combo. Sweet spinning elbow by Jabouin lands solid. He went low with a punch then a spinning elbow. Beautiful. Body shot from Homonick. Leg kick Jabouin. Huge left hook to the liver drops Jabouin. Homonick tries to finish him but somehow Jabouin gets up. Jabouin lands a elbow then drops Homonick with a big punch. Jabouin follows him to the ground, attacking from the top. Homonick reverses and mounts Jabouin. Homonick with the ground and pound. The ref stops it. Homonick does push ups in the middle of the cage. Fight of the night! Commentator calls it an “instant Canadian classic!” It was a right hand that dropped Homonick but once he reverse Jabouin and got the mount, Jabouin did not have enough left in him to survive. Great fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mark Homonick def. Yves Jabouin by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (3:21)

Kamal Shalorus vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1 – Right hand connects from Varner, Shalorus returns with a leg kick. Leg kick from Shalorus. Head kick from Varner mostly blocked. They exchange punches, Varner connects with a right. Shalorus with a leg kick. Leg kick from Shalorus, then lands a punch, and body kick. Beautiful double left jab then a big right connects from Varner. Huge leg kick to the outside, inside, then inside of Varner. Varner lands a leg kick then a big right hand knocks Shalorus back. Another right hand scores for Varner. Huge right hand hurts Shalorus, he lands another. It’s an all out war as Shalorus fires back with combos. Varner controls himself, Shalorus seems to have recovered, and shoots, pulls Varner’s leg up high but Varner gets out. Big body kick from Shalorus. Big left counter from Varner. These guys are swinging big and connecting hard. I give that round to Varner 10-9. Another barn burner here!

Round 2 – Head kick from Varner. Huge kick to the back from Shalorus, then a leg kick, another leg kick. These guys are warriors. I can’t even believe I heard a few boos. Shalorus lands a kick to Varner’s jewels and time out is called. Body kick Shalorus. Left straight punch to the chin from Varner. Beautiful left hook, right hand combo from Varner, and again. Leg kick from Shalorus to the inside is too high and it’s a direct shot to the nuggets. That was a nasty one. Varner is on the ground and the ref takes a point. The problem is this was a bad one and may stop the fight. Varner has up to five minutes to recover. He’s trying to walk it out, he says, “Let’s go.” Nice left, right combo from Varner, then a big leg kick from Shalorus, another one to the inside, and another one. Shalorus catches hsi kick and Varner counters with a huge right, it rocks Shalorus. Varner lands another. Somehow Shalorus recovers. Shalorus looks like a little Bas Rutten. Another leg kick from Shalorus, then one to the inside. Those leg kicks are taking a toll. His leg is messed up, very red and is moving awkwardly. Another inside leg kick from Shalorus. Shalorus chasing him down. Two big leg kicks from Shalorus, the bell sounds and Varner hops to his corner. I have this round a draw at 9-9 (due to the point deduction for Shalorus, I think  he won the round).

Round 3 – Head kick Shalorus. Shalorus kicks Varner in the nuggets for the third time, directly in the jewels. Varner is down on the mat again. Frankly, Shalorus should be disqualified at this point. That’s three times. If Varner can come back and even fight at this point, he should be awarded the victory. Varner tells the ref, “You have to take another point.” But the ref did not. He told him if he does it again he will. Leg kick Varner. Shalorus stalking. Leg kick from Varner then one from Shalorus. Shalorus gets a takedown. Just have to interject here… Kenny Florian is the best play by play man, the best commentator period, in the business…. yes, better than Joe Rogan’s color commentating. Shalorus is in Varner’s full guard. Varner is holding on preventing  a lot of damage. Shalorus using palm strikes to Varner’s ribs, turning them ruby red. One minute left in the round. Varner lands elbows from his back. Shalorus moves to half guard. Varner throws him ovv and stands up. Varner shoots at the bell, they hug. Varner gets the round 10-9 and the fight 29-27 as I see it. Varner seems to have a broken hand. Varner says to Shalorus, “You’re a tough motherfucker aren’t you?”

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jamie Varner draws Kamal Shalorus (27-29, 29-27, 28-28)

Notes: The decision was considered very controversial. Kenny Florian thought Varner won the fight possibly even 30-26. As I scored it I had Varner 10-9 in the first, I had Shalorus winning the second, but because of the point deduction, that made it 9-9. Then the third round I had Varner winning 10-9.

I would need to watch the first round again. If that first round is given to Shalorus then the fight would be a draw. I do remember the first round being rather close. It’s not the biggest controversy, but I did think Varner won.

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  1. Goddam!!! Homonick vs. Jabouin was fucking amazing!!! Fight of the year candidate!

  2. Jamie Varner won that fight, I don’t care what those Canadian judges say. Where is Kamal from, if he’s from Canada, that explains it.

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