It seems Chael Sonnen and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva had a little run in at the UFC Fan Expo. Sonnen explains what happened.

Sonnen also talks about his upcoming fight with Silva and how he was the only one in the middleweight division who wanted to fight him. Sonnen goes on to say,

“One guy has challenged Anderson Silva in four years. One guy, me. You can’t find a challenge by anyone else in this company except me because every 85-pounder and every 205-pounder and everybody else in the UFC is a bunch of cowards except me. One guy wants to fight the champion, one guy is willing to be the best. That’s why I have this fight, because nobody else will do it.”

That’s a not so politically correct statement coming from the man who just won the Oregon primary for State Representative. We’ll see how well his bravado works for him when it’s time to stand toe-to-toe with the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter at UFC 117, August 7, in Oakland, Calif.

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