UFC 114 fight-night bonuses: Russow, Jensen, Nogueira and Brilz earn $65k

LAS VEGAS – Mike Russow, Ryan Jensen, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Jason Brilz each earned $65k fight-night bonuses for their performances at Saturday’s “UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans” event.

Russow was awarded the “Knockout of the Night” award for his stunning KO of Duffee, Jensen earned the “Submission of the Night” bonus, while Nogueira and Brilz each earned “Fight of the Night” honors for their back and forth bout.

Russow should have gotten a fight-night bonus for “Chin of the century” as well, as he absorbed and shook off countless power shots by Duffee for over two-and-a-half rounds.

Duffee appeared to have injured his hand earlier in the fight, visibly slowing as the fight wore on, and it only took one punch from Russow to end the night of the massive Duffee, earning Russow one of the biggest come-from-behind victories in the history of the UFC, in addition to the $65k for “Knockout of the Night” honors.

Jensen also found himself behind in his bout with “The Ultimate Fighter 3” veteran Jesse Forbes, after Forbes rocked him with two big left hands, before locking up a tight rear naked choke attempt early in the bout.

Jensen worked his way free, then cinched up a fight ending guillotine, after Forbes looked to take him down, earning him “Submission of the Night” honors.

Jason Brilz was a replacement for Forrest Griffin coming into tonight’s fight with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Not only did he hold his own, but most fans believe he should have been awarded the decision victory over “Little Nog.”

Brilz and Nogueira battled for control throughout the fight, with both guys scrambling for position and fighting through submission attempts, in a battle that saw momentum swing to both guys during the bout.

Brilz used a very effective single leg takedown to take the fight to Nogueira early and often, taking the grappling master to the mat, and working for submissions, nearly finishing off “Little Nog” with a tight guillotine.

Nogueira would survive, and used his world class jiu jitsu skills to sweep and reverse Brilz on several occasions as neither guy could ever seem to dominate any type of top control during the bout.

Brilz started to gas in the 3rd round, and saw his single leg technique start to fail, as Nogueira was able to stuff the majority of the takedowns en route to a split decision victory that elicited boos from the audience.

Despite the controversy, both guys put on an entertaining and action packed bout that earned each guy $65k and the “Fight of the Night” award.