Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (11-5) is back in Japan  once again to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. The first time around, George had an amazing experience and found a huge following with his popular blog, and has decided to make Part 2 of “Road to Japan” to document his latest trip to Japan.

Day 1

Today is my official 1st installment of The Road to Japan. So here we go!!

Today started off the way any other chaotic adventure is supposed to. As soon as I pulled up to the airport at LAX I get a phone call from my girl asking if I left a bag. Of course I did. So out of the kindess of his heart my boy Louie AKA “The Boss” rushed down to my house to get the bag and bring it to me. Lucky for me I had to wait in this ridiculously long line just to check my bags in. By the time Louie had brought the bag back, I had just finished checking in and was ready for the security check. Oh wait…not before the hour long line that was there also.

So by the time I finally boarded, I’ve been through over 2 hours of lines, and a little drama, but at least it was time to head out and depart for JAPAN.

Of course by the way the day had already gone, I knew the way the flight was going to be. Here it was. A 12 hour flight stuck in between 2 completely non-social people, 1 screen for all TV that only played bullshit chick flicks the whole flight, and on top of all of that, I wasn’t able to sleep. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now I finally make it to Tokyo.

I headed through customs and actually met up with an old gym member from PKG who now lives near by. She was a great help with getting my currency changed over and purchasing my bus ticket to ODAWARA. Yes a bus ticket. Now I had to take a 3 hour bus ride to the west city to reach my destination.

Once I got into Odawara I finally felt relieved. My friend Taiki Tsychiya (who I’m staying with) met me at the bus station and took my to ROOTS gym where I met up with Rumina Sato and a few of his students. Rumina had just finished a work out for his SHOOTO fight this Sunday. Now it was time to eat. We all rolled together to a gym members restaurant and shot the shit about MMA and American Hip Hop while eating Soba, Sashimi and a few other dishes. Man this was a long day. It’s 8 am LA time and Ive got to get some sleep before the long day ahead of me. I cant wait!

Will post photos later today. Sorry I added this blog last night but for some reason it posted to this blog.  You can check out the photos right here!

By:  Chad “Savage” George

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