KLAMATH, Calif. – Mixed martial arts occasionally gets some bad press, but this story takes the cake.

If you have yet to hear about it, on March 21, professional MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt (1-0) cut open the chest, ripped out the heart, and cut off the tongue of his training partner, Taylor Powell, after becoming convinced Powell was possessed by the Devil.

If mutilating the guy was not enough, Wyatt also allegedly told investigators he cooked the body parts because he thought Powell was still alive and “he needed to stop the Devil.”

Police said the scene looked like something out of a horror film. When authorities arrived, Wyatt was found naked, standing over his dead training partner with blood and body parts, including an eyeball, strewn about the room.

Wyatt, along with his girlfriend, Powell, and another friend, had reportedly drank a hallucinogenic tea which they made out of psychedelic mushrooms and apparently lost all touch with reality.

Detective Ed Fleshman testified:

‘Satan was in that dude,’ is what he told me. According to him that’s what God was telling him to do is stop the devil.”

Wyatt has been charged with first degree murder and torture and has pleaded not guilty. His defense attorney James Fallman has claimed the wild mushrooms caused Wyatt to lose control of his actions.

Fallman said:

“My client was trying to silence the devil. I think he was having a psychotic fit based on the mushrooms he had.”

Fallman tried to get the charge of first degree murder dropped to second degree or charges dropped altogether, but the judge rejected those attempts last week.

The prosecuting Del Norte County District Attorney Mike Riese commented:

“We easily proved those counts. The judge really had no choice … The evidence was really overwhelming on murder.”

Wyatt has a professional MMA record of 1-0. His only recorded pro fight took place in January 2010 and was with (oddly enough) Resurrection Cage Fights in Roseburg, Oregon, where he won via TKO in the first round.

13 thoughts on “Case against MMA fighter who ripped out heart of training partner proceeds”
  1. His attorney tried to get the charges dropped altogether? …LOL, good try counselor!

  2. dude holt shyte!!! this is like straight out of shrooms…i wish i could see pictures of this

  3. So this dude, his training partner, another friend, and the girlfriend took the tea according to the story. What happened to the girlfriend and the other guy? Were they there for all this, or did they take off at some point?

  4. Mushroom tea barely messes with your mind, its more of a body high./ This guy would have to have the mental capacity of a house cat to trip out that bad. Lock em up.

  5. This guy has fucking mental issues in the first place. Mushroom or acid alone wont make a normal person do shit like that. PCP possibly, but that’s another story. Anyone who has ever taken mushrooms, acid, 2c products, salvia, or dmt will tell you, you dont rip out peoples hearts on that shit, unless you are fucking bat shit insane in the first place. I guess the moral of the story is don’t trip with human-monsters.

  6. “i wish i could see pictures of this”

    well that is a bit…. much.

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