This past weekend Junie Browning tried to get back on track towards the UFC. In February he dropped a fight to Aaron Hall after he refused to come out for the second round. Last Saturday, he took on Reza Madadi on Superior Challenge 5 “Pride and Fury” in Stockholm.

Junie Browning vs. Reza Madadi Superior Challenge 5 “Pride and Fury” 5/1/2008

It became clear pretty early in the fight that Madadi was going to take the fight to the ground. Browning had very little answer, but he did very well at keeping position on the bottom and even tried to threaten with a triangle choke. To start the second round, perhaps fearing getting stuck on the bottom again, Browning tries a takedown of his own. Madadi locks in a tight guillotine choke and the tap comes quickly. If Browning wants to get back to the UFC or any other big promotion these are the type of fights that he needs to win.

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  1. Not to be a hater, but the author needs to learn the difference btwn a guillotine and a triangle.

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