Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir seems to give an honest assessment of what went down in his fight at UFC 111 against newly-crowned UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin.

Mir said he focused so much on wrestling and stopping the takedown during training, that during the fight after he survived a takedown attempt by Carwin, he felt so pleased with himself that he let his guard down and forgot he could get hit. It was then Carwin pushed him against the cage, tagged Mir with those 5XL fists, dropped him, and followed up with punches to end the fight.

Mir also talks about who he may fight next and says it will most likely be someone else who is coming off a loss. He also discusses the extra muscle and weight he has put on, and it seems he may be having second thoughts about all that after the outcome of his fight with Carwin.

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By Jack Bratcher


One thought on “Frank Mir talks Carwin loss and who he may fight next *VIDEO*”
  1. That’s interesting. I thought the same thing. He just let his guard down against the cage, totally forgot he could get hit there. I think he didn’t fully realize Carwin’s power either. I hope he can learn from this, come back and beat Carwin and Lesnar again. Mir is a great fighter and great for the sport.

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