Ed Soares, the manager of UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, shares his thoughts on his fighter’s main event performance against Demian Maia at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. Soares said Anderson told him after the fight that he tried to finish Maia but he could not find his distance.

Soares also said he  re-watched the fight, and he didn’t think it was as bad as he thought when he first saw it live at ring side. According to Soares, he and Silva had a talk with UFC President Dana White after the fight and “everything is fine.” However, White recently stated that Anderson Silva may be the first UFC Champion ever to fight on a preliminary card.

6 thoughts on “Manager Ed Soares defends Anderson Silva’s UFC 112 performance *VIDEO*”
  1. Bullshit!

    If Silva is trying to prove some stupid point, at least be honest and tell us what it is. “Trouble finding his range” was not the problem and it’s nothing short of insulting to insinuate that it was.

  2. I agree, it’s all BULLSHIT. Silva must think Dana and everyone else are a bunch of idiots. Dana should make him fight on preliminary cards until his contract is up or until he loses then fire his ass. the only exception would be is if he could show genuine remorse and change. He embarrassed the whole company in front of their new partners who spent millions investing, not to mention a whole market of potential new fans.It’s unacceptable anyway you look at it, and these people taking up for Anderson and saying he didn’t make a mockery of the sport are completely brainwashed. Even Dana has said as much. Anyone who buys Silva’s “so humble am I” routine is blind as a fucking bat. Even the Brazilian fans now realize what kind of person he is after they picked up on the things he was saying to Maia in the ring. Check this out: http://www.fightersonlymagazine.co.uk/news/viewarticle.php?id=4281

  3. Silva is just showing off the fact that the ufc has little depth in silva’s weight class, that silva is not able to fight anybody that’s not aggressive all the time… as proved by his high stepping ballerina and childish taunting (silva acted like a 5 year old).

    No respect, no class, total douchebag, BAD CHAMPION and makes the Dana White look like a chump.

  4. Damian Maia talked shit and tried to embarass silva, silva answered with making him look like a fool, he is untouchable in almost any weight class, and has heart. what are you talking about? dana white isnt about to throw his most prized fighter out on permanent prelims, you guys must have lost some money to silva or something to be so pissed. get a life, shut the fuck up

  5. This is not like any other sport. Tricky footwork and flashy movements is part of deception and intimidation. Forget if it is arrogant. Two people are in a ring trying to survive and win in a dangerous situation. Anderson can do what he wants.

    In the later rounds, it is clear Anderson took the smart path to victory. It was a strategic decision to not get too aggressive unless there was an opening. No one complains when GSP takes an opponent down when he might have a chance at knocking they other guy out. He might ground-and-pound without really having a shot at knocking the other guy out or submitting him but he might take the other guy down anyways. Why? Because it is the safe strategy to win. And in this business when one punch is all it takes to lose a fight, and when your legacy and pay is only as good as your last win, I do NOT blame any fighter for doing what it takes to win.

    When a fighter is behind, the expectation is for that LOSING fighter to turn up the heat, to take chances, to risk being knocked out to have a shot at knocking his opponent out. When did Maia ever really put himself at risk in the last few rounds outside 2 shoddy takedown attempts that were not even setup with punches? If Dan Henderson were behind and fighting Anderson Silva, he would have charged forward with a 1-2 haymaker and takedown attempt. The fight that is behind is the one racing against the clock. If there is a lot of standing around, it is that fighter who is not doing his best to win the fight. The winning player is still trying his best to win the fight.

    Damian Maia failed the fans, not Silva. He should have had the guts to put everything on the line by going for broke with punches, kicks and takedown attempts risking getting knocked out. And if that is too much to ask for because he would have had no chance at landing a clean shot, then we should be blaming the matchmakers for selling us such a severely lopsided fight.

  6. Give be a break. You Dana and UFC nut huggers need a reality check. The middleweight division in the UFC is crap. The fight was crap. Anderson won. Damian could not compete and he looked like a fool in no small part to Anderson’s tactics. I agree with JC75.

    Arsoner if you’re such a goddam company man looking out for the organization’s best interests in lieu of your own, then whoever you’re working for is getting you great deal, and you’re getting the short end.

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