The first half of this video blog shows Dana and the gang leaving Canada. Dana tells a story about “Father Tom” stink bombing a plane by taking a poo in the bathroom.

Next, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the UFC 111 pre-fight press conference at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday. This is where we get to see the fan who asked Dana to be his V.I.P. guest at UFC 111 and like a genie in a bottle, Dana granted his wish.

We also get to see Yahoo reporter Steve Cofield get booed by the fans for asking a pretty obvious question… hilarious. Ariel Helwani gets another opportunity for some self-promotion, and we get to meet Jersey Shore Bizarro’s “The Bad Situation”.

If you missed the previous Dana White UFC 111 video blogs, you can watch those here: 3-23-10, 3-22-10

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