BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Pro MMA Now ( is here to provide live results and play by play coverage for tonight’s “UFC on Versus 1: Vera vs. Jones.”

Tonight’s show takes place at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colo., and is airing live on Versus with a main event of Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones, along with a co-main event clash between heavyweight contenders, Junior Dos Santos and Gabriel Gonzaga.

Keep it locked here at Pro MMA Now ( for live round-by-round updates and quick results for both the preliminary and main cards. The main televised card begins at 9 p.m. ET on versus.

Quick Results:

Preliminary Card

  • Jason Brilz def. Eric Schafer via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Mike Pierce def. Julio Paulino via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Brendan Schaub def. Chase Gormley via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 0:47
  • John Howard def. Daniel Roberts via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 2:01
  • Darren Elkins def. Duane Ludwig via TKO (ankle injury) – Round 1, 0:44
  • Vladimir Matyushenko def. Eliot Marshall via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
  • Clay Guida def. Shannon Gugerty via submission (arm-triangle choke) – Round 2, 3:40
  • Junior Dos Santos def. Gabriel Gonzaga via KO- Round 1, 3:53

Main Televised Card

  • Alessio Sakara def. James Irvin via TKO (punch)- Round 1, 3:01


Round 1 – Jab and right hand connects for Sakara.  Irvin misses with the counter.  Sakara steps in with a jab, goes for a kick and gets caught with a left, and slips to the ground.  He’s back up, then eats a leg kick by Irvin.  Sakara with a spinning back fist.  Nice left hand, and kick to the leg from Sakara.  Right hand from Sakara scores.  Sakara looks for the jab, Irvin counters to the inside with a leg kick.  Jab to the body from Sakara.  Sakara follows up with another to the body.  Irvin just misses to the body with a kick.  Sakara counters with a straight right hand that connects.  Sakara working the body with his left hand.  Sakara lands a left hand to the face of Irvin that staggers him.  Irvin is moving back and it looks like he got poked in the eye.  The referee steps in and gives him some time.  Irvin is saying that he can’t open his eye.  Based on the replay, it looks like a clean punch and not a poke.  Irvin has both eyes now open, but the fight is over after the referee rules that the stoppage was caused by a punch.  It is officially ruled as a TKO win for Alessio Sakara.

Alessio Sakara def. James Irvin via TKO (punch)- Round 1, 3:01


Round 1 – Lots of head movement from Buentello.  Buentello just misses with a big overhand right.  Kongo counters with a leg kick.  Buentello is stalking Kongo now.  Kongo with a right hand and Buentello counters with a right of his hand.  Kongo then closes the distance and is looking for the take down against the cage.  Kongo snatches out the legs and gets the take down.  Buentello is looking to get back to his feet.  Kongo lands a right hand as Buentello looks to stand back up.  Buentello with one knee down, briefly stands and gets slammed back down to the mat.  Short uppercuts from Kongo on the ground.  Buentello looking to use the cage to stand again, but Kongo pulls his legs out again.  Buentello looks for an arm for a kimura attempt but lets go.  Buentello is on his knees and Kongo lands a knee to the body.  Buentello scrambles up to his feet and looks to seperate, and as he does his pinky finger looks to be injured.  The doctor steps in to take a look.  Buentello is ready to rock!!  The fight is back on…  Herb Dean clarifies the situation as a dislocated finger that was popped back into place.  Back to the action and Kongo starts with a jab.  Kongo steps in with a nice combo, but gets countered, and Kongo looks for the take down again after a brief exchange with Buentello.  Kongo gets the take down and Herb Dean is calling for action right off the bat.  The action is stalled again and Dean stands them up with :15 to go.  Buentello steps in and just misses with a right, and Kongo connects with a right hand causing Buentello to stumble to the ground.  Kongo follows and lands a few shots until the bell sounds.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Cheick Kongo, 10-9. 

Round 2 – Both guys come out and land jabs.  Inside leg kick from Kongo.  Kongo with a leg kick, then one upstairs to the head, but its blocked.  Buentello lands a right, but is countered by Kongo, forcing Buentello backwards.  Kongo comes forward with a big uppercut, Buentello counters, but then gets taken down.  Buentello is quickly back up on his feet, but is taken right back down after eating big right hands from Kongo.  Kongo now landing left hands repeatedly to the head of Buentello.  Buentello now working to get back to his feet again, but Kongo is controlling top position.  Kongo now landing elbows to the hip of Buentello but they are straight down, 12 to 6, and Dean warns him about the illegal elbows.  Buentello is now eating knees as he tries to stand, and takes one right in the head while he still is technically grounded.  Dean steps in for the illegal knee to the head.  Buentello is given some time to recover and Dean takes the time to deduct a point from Kongo as well.  Back to the action.  Kongo uses a 3 punch combo to set up another take down and gets it.  Buentello trying to get up but Kongo is controlling the action.  Kongo is landing knees to the body.  Buentello stands eats an uppercut, but then lands a left hand and Kongo drops for the take down again.  Kongo back in top position again.  Short punches from Kongo as Buentello is turtled up.   Dean is calling for the fighters to work.  Buentello stands and eats a knee to the body then one to the head.  Overhand right hand by Buentello scores.  Kongo is stalking and hits Buentello with huge uppercuts to the body and head.  Buentello counters and Kongo drops and gets another take down.  Buentello is turtled up and is taking strikes to the head.  Dean is warning for Kongo to not hit the back of the head.  Dean stands them back up and here we go again.  Right hand from Kongo connects, Buentello counters and scores.  Kongo goes for the take down again but gets stuffed.  End of Round 2.  Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Cheick Kongo, 10-9.

Round 3 – Right hand lands for Kongo.  Buentello is backing up and Kongo is stalking.  Buentello lands a right hand but gets taken down again.  Kongo now working the legs of Buentello with elbows from half guard.  Kongo continues to punish the legs of Buentello with elbows, and as Buentello rolls, Kongo lands 4 big elbows to the body and thigh of Buentello.  Buentello had had enough and taps.  

Cheick Kongo def. Paul Buentello via TKO (strikes)- Round 1, 1:16  


Round 1 – Tentative start early.  Gonzaga scores first with a leg kick.  Dos Santos with a left hand to the body.  Lots of feinting by both fighters.  Dos Santos back to the body.  Gonzaga comes back with a huge inside leg kick.  Gonzaga ducks the jab and takes Dos Santos down.  He goes for the back of Dos Santos, but Dos Santos scrambles back to his feet.  Leg kick again from Gonzaga.  Dos Santos with the jab.  Back to the body twice by Dos Santos.  Nice combo scores for Dos Santos.  Dos Santos continues to work the body of Gonzaga.  Gonzaga goes for the head kick but misses.  Dos Santos comes back with a jab, head kick combo.  Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Dos Santos right back to the body of Gonzaga.  Gonzaga lands a leg kick, but eats a big right hand.  Gonzaga back up high again for the leg kick but misses.  Gonzaga goes for the kick again and eats a huge left hook and is dropped.  Dos Santos looking for the finish standing over Gonzaga.  Dos Santos landing huge shots and Gonzaga is out cold after the 3rd or fourth strike from the top.  Super impressive performance by Dos Santos.

Junior Dos Santos def. Gabriel Gonzaga via KO- Round 1, 3:53


Round 1 – Jones immedieately goes for the clinch, then gets the hip throw take down.  Jones now on top and in Vera’s guard.  Vera is controlling the posture of Jones early.  Jones lands one punch then is kicked off by Vera.  Push kicks by both fighters.  Veral with a jab then leg kick.  To the clinch.  Jones lands a knee and tries to throw Vera again but its defended nicely.  Jones continues to work and gets the double leg take down.  Jones is back in Vera’s full guard agian.  Vera with a short elbow from his back.  Jones lands an elbow from the top.  Jones is dangerously leaving his arms extended.  Jones misses with a big punch from the top.  Jones working to pass the guard.  Vera lands a huge upkick to the face of the downed Jones.  The kick is deemed illegal and there is a stoppage in the action.  A point has been deducted from Vera for the illegal shot.  Dean restarts them back in the same position that they were in prior to the upkick.  Vera with another upkick that lands very close to the head.  Jones working the cross face.  Vera working his legs up to a high guard.  The referee is calling for action.  Jones is trying to posture and does landing a huge crunching elbow to the face of Vera.  Vera is hurt bad and Jones stands to finish.  Vera kicks off and rolls over holding his face.  Herb Dean comes in and stops the fight.

Jon Jones def. Brandon Vera via TKO (strikes)- Round 1, 3:19

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