TAMPA, Fla. – Pro MMA Now (www.prommanow.com) will provide live results and play-by-play commentary for tonight’s “XFC 10: Night of Champions” taking place at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Fla. Tonight’s main card will be televised live on HDNet at 9:00 pm ET, and features two title fights, with both the XFC featherweight, and lightweight championship belts on the line.

Quick Results:

  • Chris Barnett def. Kenneth Garner by TKO (strikes) Rd 3 (1:37)
  • Bruce Connors def. Derek Schiffer by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Frank Sharipov def. Gilbert Burgos by submission (arm bar) Rd 3 (1:07)
  • Junior Assuncao def. John Mahlow by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 1 (4:02)
  • Jarrod Card defeats Jason Wood by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 2 (4:07)

(stay tuned, as we will have the preliminary card results available shortly)

Kenneth Garner vs. Chris Barnett

Round 1 – Barnett scores with a leg kick, and Garner closes the distance and gets the body lock, then a take down straight to mount. Barnett rolls, and Garner goes for the rear naked choke. Barnett stands and slams Garner to his back, but the choke is tight. They are back to their feet and Garner has the rear naked choke locked in tight and is in deep trouble. Barnett looking to survive, and escapes. Garner now in half guard and landing left hands. Barnett rolls to his side and is working himself toward the cage to stand. Barnett stands, turns and lands a big right hand, then looks for the take down and gets it. Barnett now in side control and landing big left hands. To the crucifix with Garner pressed against the cage and taking huge punches. Garner rolls and turtles up with Barnett on his back landing bombs. Barnett now has him flattened out and is still landing big shots. The ref calls for him to watch the back of the head. Barnett rolls Garner over and is looking for the mount. Garner turns and goes for a heel with 20 seconds to go. Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 10-9 for Chris Barnett.

Round 2 – Garner with a straight left hand, Barnett counters with a leg kick. Garner throws one of his own, and Barnett shoots for the take down but gets stuffed. Back to the feet, with Barnett pressing Garner against the cage. Barnett goes for the high crotch, elevates and slams Garner to the mat. They are back up and Garner is now looking for a take down but gets stuffed. Barnett transitions to take Garner’s back and is landing shots again. Barnett once again flattens out Garner and is now working the body. Barnett transitions to side control, then to the north/south position. Big elbows to the body of Garner, then big left hands to the body, forces Garner to roll. Barnett transitions with him, then gets to full mount. Barnett working a high mount and is landing right hands now. Total domination by Barnett. Garner rolls out, and both fighters stand. Garner grabs his eye, and the ref steps in to have a look. The eye is good, and here we go. Barnett lands a huge overhand right and steps in for more, but gets countered with a short jab that backs him up. Barnett goes high with the kick but slips and is on his back. Barnett rolls, stands, then works Garner back to the mat. Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Barnett also, 10-9.

Round 3 – Both fighters miss with big right hands. Barnett just misses with the superman punch, then flys across the cage, clinches, and takes Garner down again. Barnett is transitioning nicely everytime Garner moves. He’s dropping big shots and hammerfists, and the ref steps in for the stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Barnett defeats Kennteh Garner via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 1:37 of Round 3

Derek Schiffer vs. Bruce Connors

Round 1 – Connors misses with the leg kick. Schiffer misses with a right hand, Connors counters with a right and head kick but misses. Connors scores with two leg kicks. Leg kick by Schiffer, but eats a right hand from Connors. Connors goes high but misses with the kick. Schiffer feints and steps in to close the distance but Connors backs up and away, then scores with a leg kick. Schiffer powers through the kick, clinches then puts Connors on his back. Schiffer lands a right hand from the top, but Connors pushes off and stands up. Connors with another outside leg kick. Both guys pretty tentative now on the feet. Connors lands a nice right hand. Stiff jab from Schiffer. Schiffer doubles up on the jab and as Connors throws a right hand, Schiffer changes levels and grabs a single. Schiffer with the slam, Connors immediately goes for the neck of Schiffer, and goes for the guillotine. Schiffer is out and is stacking Connors against the cage. Connors transitions for a triangle attempt with 10 seconds to go. End of Round 1. Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Bruce Connors, 10-9.

Round 2 – Nice stiff jab from Connors to start the second. Overhand right by Connors misses. Pretty slow start to the round until Connors lands a right hand then just misses with the left hook. Connors now putting some combos together as Schiffer looks to establish his jab. Schiffer misses with a right hand over the top. Connors lands a right hand, Schiffer shoots and gets the take down. Connors briefly goes for a guillotine attempt but lets it go quickly. Very high guard from Connors, Schiffer tries some ground and pound, but Connors kicks him off again and stands up. Big right hand and kick from Connors as Schiffer changes levels. They disengage, then Connors lands a huge overhand right hand. Connors scores with the jab, then straight right hand. Schiffer shoots from about six feet out and gets stuffed. Another right hand scores for Connors as he is taking control of the fight now. Schiffer looks tired and is shooting lazily now and paying for it. Connors looking to score as they seperate from the clinch. Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Bruce Connors, 10-9.

Round 3 – Nice jab scores for Schiffer, Connors back with a leg kick, but gets scooped up and slammed in the process. Connors going for the guillotine again. Schiffer now in side mount, and he frees his neck. This is where Schiffer is dangerous. Connors spins and ends up with Schiffer on top in north/south position. Connors is looking for a choke from his back and is controlling Schiffer. Schiffer is now free and back in side control. The ref unbelievably stands them up… Schiffer with the jab again. Connors lands the jab, then a right hand. Schiffer again with the jab. Connors misses with a looping overhand right, giving Schiffer the opportunity for another take down. Connors working the rubber guard and is really neutralizing Schiffer’s top position. The round ends, and this one is going to the cards. Pro MMA Now scores the 3rd round for Derek Schiffer, 10-9, and the fight overall for Connors 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bruce Connors defeats Derek Schiffer via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Gilbert Burgos vs. Frank Sharipov

Round 1 – Sharipov goes for the head kick but slips and falls, but scrambles right back to his feet. Burgos looking for the take down but Sharipov is defending nicely with his back against the cage. Sharipov reverses position and puts Burgos against the cage. Sharipov drops for a take down, doesn’t get it but, keeps working and gets Burgos to the mat. Sharipov working body, body, head with his left hand, then postures up for a big shot. Burgos lands an upkick, then transitions for an armbar. Sharipov works free and is now back in Burgos’s full guard. Sharipov is landing some nice punches but is being cautious. Burgos working to control the wrists of Sharipov and is working to isolate an arm, staying very busy from his back. Sharipov advances to half guard, gives up his neck and Burgos goes for a ten finger choke. Sharipov is out and back in Burgos’s full guard again. After a lull in the action, the referee stands them up with 10 seconds to go. End of Round 1. Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Frank Sharipov, 10-9.

Round 2 – Leg kick scores for Sharipov, Burgos counters with a right hand. Burgos lands a right hand, Sharipov shoots but gets stuffed. They disengage, then Sharipov just misses with a big right hand. Sharipov misses with a spinning back kick. Another spinning kick from Sharipov to the body. Sharipov shoots for another take down and Burgos goes for a guillotine, then gets taken down. Burgos locks up his guard, but then gives up the head within a few seconds. Burgos goes for an arm, but Sharipov pulls out quickly. Burgos grabs the arm again and Sharipov is working to free his arm again. He does, then transitions to side mount with Burgos’s head against the cage. Burgos retains full guard but is losing the battle of position in Round 2. Burgos constantly looking for sub attempts. Burgos switches his hips, grabs and arm, then transitions to a triangle. Nice defense by Sharipov as he escapes. The ref stands them up again with :25 to go. The round is up for grabs. Right hand lands for Sharipov, then misses with a spinning back kick again. Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Frank Sharipov, 10-9.

Round 3 – Sharipov with a right hand, left hook combo. Burgos shoots and gets the take down. Sharipov goes for the arm bar, but Burgos is out quickly. Burgos now in Sharipov’s full guard. Sharipov kicks off the cage, spins, and locks up an arm and the fight is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Frank Sharipov defeats Gilbert Burgos via submission (arm bar) at 1:07 of Round 3

Junior Assuncao vs. John Mahlow (XFC lightweight title bout)

Round 1 – Assuncao scores with an inside leg kick. Mahlow with a straight right hand. Assuncao counters with an inside leg kick, then another. Mahlow scores with a kick of his own. Assuncao back to the inside leg kick that lands on the pills. Mahlow is given a couple of minutes to get his voice back to normal, and he’s ready to go. Assuncao lands a huge thudding inside leg kick to the right knee of Mahlow that stuns him. Assuncao follows up with a big right hand that drops Mahlow. Mahlow grabs an ankle but Assuncao defends and pulls out. Assuncao with some big punches, then spins, taking Mahlow’s back. Assuncao looking for the rear naked choke, and is working to get his ooks in. Mahlow fights it off and stands. Assuncao lands a big knee to the body of Mahlow, and Mahlow is bleeding pretty badly. Mahlow is working for a single but Assuncao is defending well. Mahlow still working for the takedown, and gets in some good footstomps. Assuncao turns into Mahlow, grabs the neck, and pulls guard. The guillotine looks tight, and Mahlow taps immediately. Junior Assuncao is now the new XFC lightweight champion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Junior Assuncao defeats John Mahlow via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:02 of Round 1

Shane Primm vs. Julio Gallegos

Round 1 – Primm scores with a leg kick to start.  Gallegos comes forward and lands a right hand to the body, then rocks Primm with a left hook.  Primm is hurt and is looking for the plum clinch, but Gallegos follows up with a huge uppercut, then drops Primm with a right hook.  Primm is in trouble, and the ref steps in and stops it. Nice win for Gallegos. Gallegos gives a shout out to Furby, his agent, who is also a writer here at ProMMAnow.com and the host of The Cageside Beat. Congrats guys!
OFFICIAL RESULT: Julio Gallegos defeats Shane Primm via TKO at :34 seconds of Round 1

Jarrod Card vs. Jason Wood

Round 1 – Card lands a strong right hand right out of the gate after Wood misses with an overhand right. Wood goes for the take down pressing Card against the cage. Wood gets the bodylock take down but after a scramble, Card ends up on top in north south position. Wood reverses, and Card goes for an arm bar, but Wood is out and now in side control. Card transitions to a reverse triangle attempt, but Wood escapes. Wood postures up for some ground and pound, but Card gets the sweep. Wood goes for a triangle but Card is out immediately. Card standing over Wood and lands some kicks, then almost eats an upkick. Card drops into the guard but lands in another triangle attempt. Card is out and back in side mount again. Wood works back to half guard, then eats an elbow from Card from the top. Card working elbows and pressing Wood against the cage. Wood spins for an armbar attempt with :35 seconds to go. Card is defending for the moment. Card pulls out then goes right back into the full guard of Woods. Pro MMA Now scores a close Round 1 for Jason Wood, 10-9.

Round 2 – Card lands two right hands, and Wood fires back with the left, then grabs a single. Card grabs the neck and pulls guard. Card lets go, and Wood is working to pass the guard of Card. Card working some rubber guard, then looks for a sweep, but Wood maintains top position. Back to the feet and Card works for the take down. Wood goes briefly for a guillotine, then goes for an arm and eats a big punch from Card. Wood is bleeding but still staying busy from his back. Card is working to pass, then Wood takes top position. Card is going for a d’arce choke, then both guys stand. Wood looking to take it back to the ground again with a single leg. Wood pulls guard and Card gets his back. Card looking for the rear naked choke, adjusts his hands, traps one of Wood’s arms, tightens up the choke and gets the tap!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jarrod Card defeats Jason Wood via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:07 of Round 2, and remains the XFC featherweight champion.

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  1. Love the fightcard. XFC showed why they are fast becoming a premier MMA Organization. Great job to HD Net for landing this organization. Can’t wait for more XFC action.

  2. Great fights, Barnett showed he’s a real monster, Assançào will be a lot of fun to see in the future as well as Gallegos and Card. I’m already looking foward to XFC 11

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