The tension between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping was the highlight of Thursday’s UFC 110 press conference in Australia. Bisping complained that Silva had not been showing him the respect he deserves, so he planned to take that respect from him in their fight. The two bickered back and forth throughout the meeting.

At one point, Silva was asked by a reporter why he didn’t like Bisping. “Thank you for asking that,” said Bisping. Silva answered, “Nothing. I don’t know. Everybody tell me kick him. It’s not just me. Nobody like him.”

Bisping responded, “Fortunately, I couldn’t give a fuck.”

Elvis Sinosic

“…we had to learn and investigate because there was nothing before us. …every promotion had their own rules. Now we have consistency…” [how the sport has evolved]

“The response we’ve received from the media and the fans have been absolutely fantastic.”

Dana White

“This will probably be an annual event.” [in Australia]

“We’ve been talking about taking it internationally, and it’s been so big here, I could see it definitely happen here.” [The Ultimate Fighter]

“It depends on how you perform… It depends on how you win and how you lose your fights.” [in response to the question if Wanderlei Silva is in danger of getting cut if he gets knocked out]

“Something  could happen to either Shane or Mir, and the winner of this fight (Nogueira vs. Velasquez) would fight Brock”

“They love Wanderlei because of the Wanderlei fights.”

“They’re building an outdoor stadium for us.” [Abu Dhabi]

“You think you like it on TV, wait til you see it live.”

“Fighting is in our genes, and we like it… This will be the biggest sport in the world. I guarantee it.”

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

“I had to improve my wrestling, improve my boxing, I had to improve a lot of things…” [to prepare for Velasquez]

“I’m not the type of guy to talk to much before the fight. I can promise you. It’s going to be a war.”

Michael Bisping

“You need to win fights to stay in this business Wanderlei, and you haven’t been doing that.”

“I know there’s a little bit of love / hate relationship between Britain and Australia. I’m hoping they can forget about the cricket and focus on the fighting.”

Wanderlei Silva

“Shut up (Bisping). We wait til Saturday cause I need my money, my check.”

George Sotiropoulos

“I’m so excited and happy about it. I can show everybody what I’ve been doing… ”

“If you can’t see how exciting it is, you’re probably blind.” ]MMA]

The UFC 110 pre-fight press conference has been recorded and can be viewed in our UFC Room on the UFC video player.

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