joined in on a media conference call for UFC 110 today. Participants in the call included UFC UK President Marshall Zelaznik, main event fighters Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cain Velasquez, as well as co-headliners, Michael Bisping and Wanderlei Silva.

Although Zelaznik and all the fighters were asked, and answered questions, for some reason,the majority of questions were directed at Bisping, and his answers seemed more thorough. Maybe Bisping is learning how to make the media work for him; it would appear so. Here are a few quotes from the call, as well as the audio.

UFC 110 conference call:

Marshall Zelaznik

We always go in with a little bit of expectation, and a lot of our planning revolves around how good we are doing on TV and web traffic. The big thing about Australia was the ticket pricing was higher than we have done, and surpassed, in past international events because the market there can warrant it. So we went out pretty aggressive there with tickets. There was a little bit of “hold your breath” when the tickets went on sale, but ultimately our expectation is always to sell these events out, so this one actually didn’t let us down. It sold out in less than half a day. It was our second fastest sell out. Just to summarize; we go in with a little bit of apprehension but we’re always optimistic. [in reference to ticket sales in Australia]

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

I don’t think that’s right. I believe the ground is very dangerous. I believe that is a very important part, the submission game. [in reference to the “bottom game being dead,” a statement recently made by Jon Fitch]

Cain can pretty much fight everywhere. .. We can move very fast, I think that’s the difference between us and the other heavyweights in the division.

Cain Velasquez

I don’t believe that. I believe the sport is always growing. Everybody’s game is different, especially on the ground. I wouldn’t say that, because everybody has a chance to submit people. This game is so big, and people are so good in every area of MMA. I don’t believe that. [in reference to the “bottom game being dead,” a statement recently made by Jon Fitch]

I don’t really think about what could happen after this fight, all my energy is focused on Nogueira right now.

Michael Bisping

Obviously, Wanderlei and Nogueira have been around for a long, long time. I grew up, when I first got into MMA, watching their fights in PRIDE. So, for me, it’s a great honor to be fighting Wanderlei. I’m not so much sure it’s a different generation of fighters, but they’ve definitely been involved with MMA a lot longer than people like myself and Cain. And like I said before, it’s an honor to be fighting him.

I thought Chael did a great job. He had a very tough opponent in Nate Marquardt, and went through him very easily. I think the general consensus was that Nate Marquardt would get a title shot if he beat Chael, and he didn’t. Chael Sonnen beat him, and he beat him soundly. I suppose he hadn’t done as much to warrant a title shot as Nate Marquardt would have done, but the fact is he beat Marquardt, who was widely regarded, I suppose, as the number one contender. If you beat the number one contender, then you know, what does that make you? I suppose it makes you the number one contender.

I think so. If all goes well next Saturday. I’ve been thinking about this. A lot of the guys are busy. Obviously Vitor is fighting Anderson so that is going to put Anderson out for a little while, or Vitor out for a little while. Nate Marquardt and Chael just fought. I’m not sure who the other top guys are… so yeah, maybe a fight with Chael, who knows? [if the winner of Bisping vs. Wanderlei would be in line for a number one contender fight]

I don’t know if Vitor would be a tougher fight. Chael Sonnen says a lot of things, I don’t always agree with what he says. [in reference to Vitor Belfort being a tougher fight than Anderson Silva]

I like to get out there nice and early. I’ll have been out there two-and-a-half or three weeks by the time the fight gets here. [adapting to the time change in Australia]

England, with it’s background in boxing… we have lots of guys to replicate that style. [how he prepares for Wanderlei]

Obviously, that’s the only knockout on my record… I still think I can beat him. Obviously, that’s not going to happen any time in the near future… It is a little disappointing because I won’t get the chance to rematch him.

I think as a fighter you have to constantly evolve. If you stay the same, people are going to figure you out.

Rampage is actually with me right now in Australia. We met in 2006 through a seminar in England… We have a similar sense of humor… He’s given me some good insight to the fight. He has a long history with Wanderlei, and has given me some good insight. Knowing him like he does, it’s been invaluable having him and helping me with strategy.

It kind of pisses me off, people going on about that all the time… Sometimes if a guy is cutting you off, you have no choice but to move that way… There’s a lot of theories. The fact of the matter is, I got hit with some shots. Before that fight I was under the impression I could go out there and go three rounds with anyone….  [about moving into Dan Henderson’s power hand]

People say I haven’t got knockout power. I think I have… I plan on standing toe-to-toe… [with Wanderlei]

It will be interesting to see how he is at 185 lbs. I think people are reading too much into him moving to 185. He’s been around a long time.

It’s made me even hungrier to prove I am that level of fighter…[the loss to Henderson]

Wanderlei Silva

I don’t know, I think maybe he need to fight with me or Bisping next [his thoughts on Chael Sonnen being the number one contender]

After this fight, they are going to look again for who is the next challenger for the champion.

Vitor is a very good fighter, but I think Silva is going to beat him, from round three to round four.

Real good. I feel so great. I feel fast. My cardio is better. I feel I will have a great performance in this division. [dropping to 185 for the first time]

My surgery was because I broke my nose a lot of times… I sleep better… my cardio is better.

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