It’s no more “Mr. Nice Guy” for Quinton Jackson

Photo: Sherdog - It's probably safe to say the days of Rampage getting dry humped by the UFC President while two billionaire brothers watch are over.

As you have probably heard, earlier this month Quinton “Rampage” Jackson announced he would return to the UFC to finish out the last three fights on his contract. Although he has decided to come back, do not be surprised if he is not the same wise-cracking “happy-go-lucky” Quinton that first arrived on the UFC scene back in 2007.

Things are different now. And according to Jackson’s statements in a recent interview with Michael Pepper, from U.K. site MMA Bay, it’s “no more Mr. Nice Guy,” for the former UFC light heavyweight champ.

The trouble between Jackson and the UFC seemingly stems from the circumstances surrounding his time filming The Ultimate Fighter season 10 and the subsequent fight that was to take place with opposing coach Rashad Evans.

Jackson said it is a matter of respect, “That’s my problem. I don’t get the respect that I’ve earned in this sport, you know what I’m sayin… I feel like the UFC was taking advantage of me and had been using me. I only asked them for one thing, and one thing only. Let me do this movie.”

UFC fans who have been watching Dana White’s video blogs for any length of time have likely seen Jackson and the UFC President joking around and hanging out as friends a number of times. Those days are over.

“I don’t really care for Dana anymore,” said Jackson. “When I say ‘I’m done with the UFC,’ I’m done with Dana. I’m done with being their friend. I don’t wanna be their friend. I don’t need friends like that.”

Jackson also had some career advice for UFC Color Commentator Joe Rogan. “Joe Rogan, that guy need to get a new job. He need to go back to being a comedian. That guy is so biased toward anybody that is not a jiu-jitsu geek.”

Jackson lost his UFC Light Heavyweight Title to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86, but don’t try to convince him of that. “That’s my belt. In my mind I’m still the champion of the UFC, and everybody know it. Anybody that say I’m not, is a hater, and they need to wash they mouth out with soap.”

According to Jackson, fans can look for him to step back in the Octagon sometime around April or May. As far as who he wants to fight, there are two people definitely on his radar. Firstly, “I wanna fight Rashad whether he wins or loses,” said Jackson.

And the other person he wants is Darrill Schoonover. “If Titties lose some weight and get rid of those titties, then I wanna knock him out and shut him up cause he got a big mouth,” said Jackson.

When Jackson was asked about all the bickering between he and Evans on The Ultimate Fighter, he said, “I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t attack him and maul him right there on the show.” However, overall he considers the whole thing a waste.

“I think my time spent on The Ultimate Fighter was a big waste. I didn’t want to do it in the first place. Dana made me do it,” said Jackson. He went on to say he only got paid $700/week to stay in Vegas to do TUF 10. And to keep himself busy and basically because of his lifestyle while in Vegas, it cost him $30,000 to do it.

Jackson was not pleased with the way he was portrayed on the reality show. “They could’ve done a better job editing,” he said. “They did a good job editing me on season seven, now they wanna throw me under the bus.”

Is it even smart for the UFC to bring back someone into their fold who is this unhappy and disgruntled? His whole attitude seems similar to the way Tito Ortiz sounded when he and White had their fall out and he left last year. Jackson even goes on to challenge White to a boxing match.

Hopefully, for their sake, White will be able to pacify the Memphis native. When you have a professional cage fighter who once took the L.A.P.D. on a high-speed chase that ended at gun-point on your hands, and he is unhappy, you just never know when his next rampage might take place.

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